hats galore!
around my yard

a very productive monday it was

I'm not always fond of Mondays, but yesterday I enjoyed Monday very much...Maybe because I got a lot done...Maybe because I finally got outside on such a beautiful day before the rains come.  Which, looks like it's going to be everyday this week.

Karen over at Sew Many Ways had a tutorial for a car caddy that I just had to make.  Whenever I'm knitting on a trip I seem to lose all my things.  Having this now will make me a bit more organized and maybe I won't always be looking for my scissors or whatever else I might lose.  Karen is amazing and has started doing a post every Tuesday on tools, gadgets and doodads for sewing and quilting, it's called Tool Time Tuesday...and since it's Tuesday why don't you head on over to see what cool thing she has this week.

Sewing caddy

Now I can have my counter, tape measure or whatever else I might need right at my fingertips.  This was so easy to make.


Last night for dinner I made a pan of cornbread or as my husband would call it "Jonny Cake".  I made Zaroga's recipe and it had a thumbs up all around the table.  I also made a new recipe and it went well with the cornbread called Chili Skillet from Taste of Home.  We just put it over the cornbread and I served cottage cheese and peaches as a side dish.


I worked out in the garden and got all the leaves raked out and dug up the weeds and grass that had crept in.  The junk man came through the neighborhood looking for scrap metal.  I finally relented and got rid of that rusty old wagon that had only two wheels left on it.  I just didn't know what to do with it.  I thought and thought of where to put it in my yard for display and how I could arrange flowers in it.  But, after having it sit in my yard for oh so long now, I let it go.  Jim was only too happy to get rid of it.  I think he must have been pretty tired of moving it so he could mow.

Phil and Clare stopped by after Esmie's doctor appointment to show us the newest member of Blue Line.  She looked so cute in that little shirt.

Blue line

I hope your Monday was a productive as mine was.  You all have a wonderful day today.