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Easter bouquet

Do you have dreams?  I dream all the time.  I have lots of dreams...not all the dreams come true, some do and some don't.  I dream at the oddest times, like when I'm doing the dishes, vacuuming the floor, blow drying my hair, just about whenever my hands are busy do I dream.

I dream of...
  • enjoying my "golden years" with Mr Wonderful (aka: Husband)
  • keeping my health for a very long time
  • hearing the birds chirping outside my window
  • living in an old farm house
  • being able to do everything I want to do because the day never ends
  • having chickens

I dream of so many things the list could go on and on. 

But, I've been thinking lately and I mean really thinking and dreaming about a lot of things.  You see, last week a neighbor passed away from a heart attack.  He wasn't just any old neighbor, he was someone who was just there.  There were 3 of us couples who built a house at the same time.  We built ours first, then the couple across the street and the couple behind them built right after us.  We didn't really get to know this neighbor that well.  But, when you see someone everyday for the past 23 years, pass them in the car, see them outside working in their yard, they kind of become a part of your life even if only a few words are passed between you. 

Another thing that got me to thinking was he was only 48 years old...48...that's our age.  He and his wife were starting to do things together, much like Jim and I do...We'd see them biking around the neighborhood together and they have 3 grandchildren that I'm almost certain were a joy in his life.  This has hit us pretty hard, at least for me it has.

But, I'll just go on dreaming and enjoying my life as much as I can because life is just too short.

Now, go hug your loved ones and especially tell them you LOVE them.