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first mate of robin hood

Jim received this picture not long ago and I've been meaning to post it.

First mate
Starting from the left is Jim or Jamie as they used to call him, Reid D, and Jim's brother Eric.  The boys made bows & arrows, swords and shields, and on Jim's shield it's written...First mate of Robin Hood...Sire James T*****.

This picture was taken in front of Reid's home.

the quilt top is done (almost)

Sometimes I tend to get a lot of things accomplished when no one is around.  Yesterday afternoon I cut out the quilt fabric.  After a quick dinner it was off to the doctors, then home again to a quiet house with only Lauren home.  Jim went golfing so I sewed up the quilt top.

Logcabin baby quilt

Lauren was kind enough to hold up the quilt top before the bus came this morning.

I have to scallop the top and bottom edge yet, then add the batting, backing and the binding.  I'm excited to get this one done and start on another one. 

So much to learn about quilting. 

I had to bring my van in this morning to get the oil changed, rotate the tires and have them look to see if I indeed have a leaking head gasket like the guy out in Nebraska said I did.  One good thing is...if it is a bad head gasket, it's under WARRANTY.  Nothing could be sweeter than that.  So, I have a rental car just in-case it's in the shop for a few days.  But, I'm not going anywhere today, I plan to do a bit more sewing.

You all have a wonderful day today.

fabric sale...YES!!!! and do you want butter on your popcorn?

At the car dealership I had to wait for the courtesy driver to take me back to the hotel after I dropped my van off to get the air conditioning fixed.  On the table in the waiting room was a basket filled with freshly made popcorn.  Looking around I spied more popcorn boxes on the counter.  What a neat way to keep your customers feed them ;)


The fabric shop that I found was great. I went there 2 times and each time I bought something. I have been wanting to make a baby quilt for the crib that we have set up in the guest room. I spied this kit to make a Baby Log Cabin Quilt. I have a hard time picking out colors and trying to pick out colors for a quilt was just not going to happen especially when I spied this kit.

Bag of fabric


I was also too pumped to go into the fabric shop and find that they had a sale going on.  I need more fabric like I need a hole in my head, but who can resist a sale?


You know me and aprons.  I found two new apron patterns that are just adorable.

I spied the Lilly Apron on the gal checking me out and just had to have the pattern.  It was so cute on her and she made hers longer than the pattern (by mistake) but it was a mistake that I liked.  The French Flea Market Apron was also cute and looked like it could be made with leftover material.  I can't wait to get started on some new aprons.

Well, I guess I better dust off the sewing machine if I want to make the quilt and aprons and I can't wait to get going on them. 

But first, I need to get up in the office, go grocery shopping and do some house work before I can play.

You all have a wonderful day today.

home again, home again, jiggity jig

It feels soooooooooooooooo good to be home.  We were pretty excited to see Sadie, but I don't think our excitement was as big as hers was to see us.  Did that sentence make any sense?  I'm still a bit tired from the trip this morning and Jim is out golfing already this morning so I don't think he's too tired :)

I came home to a flowering Forsythia bush in my backyard.  I was so glad that I didn't miss it when it was in full bloom.  I also have one in my front yard but that one blooms later than this one does.  I'm not really sure why.

Forsythia bush

I did almost miss my Hyacinth plants though.  They are almost at the end of their bloom right now.  I love the smell of them.  Some say their smell is pretty strong but I love it.


Back to reality and my real world now.  I have lots of unpacking to do and  eventually want to show you some really great stuff that I found.  I did not spend all my time at the hotel while Jim was in class.  I searched for a yarn shop, a fabric/quilt shop and a scrap booking store and found all three.  That's for next time tho.

I did have to sit at the hotel for one day while my vans air-conditioning was being fixed.  There was a Chrysler dealer just down the road.  They brought me to the hotel while my van was being worked on and picked me back up to get it.  I'm really glad that we got it fixed, because the temps were in the high 80's low 90's.  But, as soon as the sun started to go down the temps dropped.

So while I had to stay put I started working on a few things.  I also finished layouts from our Mexico trip we took last year.  I almost brought my sewing machine and I'm glad I didn't.  I wouldn't have had time to sew anyway.  Every night after I picked Jim up we did something.  We kept busy and found some really neat restaurants that we don't have in our area.  Our hotel had a full kitchen, and that was really nice.  I didn't have to go out to eat every day for lunch.  I just went to the grocery store and got a few things to eat for the week.  But, I can't wait to make a home cooked meal, it really gets old eating out every night.

It was a fun trip, but there's no place like home.

have you heard of grace snyder?

I have to admit that I had never heard of Grace Snyder or Chintz Applique before this past week.

I was so tickled to find this wonderful museum featuring Grace Snyder Quilts and Chintz Applique Quilts at the International Quilt Study Center & Museum.  Even tho I'm not a quilter it doesn't mean that I don't appreciate the fine art.  I so wish I could have brought in my camera but no dice.

Quilt books 

This quilt is by Grace Snyder called "Flower Basket Petit Point" which she finished in 1943.  I bought a post card since I couldn't take any pictures.  I was so amazed by this quilt...It had approximately 87,000 tiny triangles to make up the pattern which was patterned from a china design pattern.

Flower basket 

Another quilt called "Hexagon Mosaic" had 58,640 hexagon pieces.  Each piece looked just smaller than a dime.  That quilt was really amazing to me too.

The Chintz Applique Quilts were so beautiful and the detail that went into each quilt was just unbelievable.  I just can't imagine all the work that went into each quilt.  The museum wasn't very big but I spent quite a bit of time there, looking over each quilt.

If you ever get the chance to see any of these two displays...GO...You will not be disappointed.

We are heading home today.  I hope you enjoyed going on the trip with us.  Next week calls for blogging catch up.  See you then.

cows, cows, cows

We have met some of the nicest people here in Nebraska.  Jim got to talking to one of the receptionists at the school.  He wanted to know how do we get out of town and into the country and a good place to eat?  She pointed us to a really nice restaurant out in the country and invited us to come see her farm and take some pictures.

Matt and lacey 

Lacey and her husband Matt were so kind to show us their farm which is quite large.  They have a dog Maggy who is a Blue Heeler.  Lacey said she's not much of a cattle dog but is definitely a farm dog.  Maggy lost her left back leg and is deaf, but that doesn't slow her down any.  She loves having you throw a stick for her and when she couldn't find one small enough she found a big one, and after finding this large stick she wouldn't settle for anything smaller.

Farms animals 

Matt and Lacey have about 6 cows ready to give birth but we weren't lucky enough to have any of them give birth when we were there.  We really saw quite a bit.  They have about 15 cats and by summer there can be an upwards of 30 cats to keep the mice away.  One of the cats gave birth to a kitten in a barrel, it was so small.  We also saw a momma cow giving it's baby a bath and a baby giving himself his own bath.  We also saw a couple of bulls and if I remember right, Matt said they weigh in the upwards of 2,000 pounds.

More animals 

One thing that we have found in our travels around the that..all you have to do is talk to people and the world opens up for you.

why we're here

This was in the building where Jim is going to class.  This is a wonderful display of an iron worker and what Jim actually does for a living.  Jim's brother Joe is an iron worker and this is the kind of work he does.  You couldn't pay me enough to do this job...I wouldn't be able to ever get up that high.

Iron worker

High up 

Helping out 

Here Jim is checking out the display.

Checking it out 

Jim does the drawings for the guys in the iron shops so that they can get the steel ready for the guys in the field who are called "iron workers".  Iron workers construct the structural steel part of buildings being built.  The job Jim does is on the computer now, but he used to do the detail drawings by hand.  He takes the Architects drawings and does the "detail" work.  The holes and bolts in the next picture are part of the "detail" work that Jim does.

Bolts and holes 

I have been busy here.  Yesterday I got the van's air conditioning fixed.  Today I got the crack in the windshield fixed, because we picked up a rock on the way out here.  We walked through a park yesterday and today I plan to go to a museum.  Hopefully there won't be anymore trouble with the van or my camera lens.

we made it

The drive to Nebraska yesterday was pretty miserable.  It rained most of the way.  When we stopped to eat I took out my camera to take pictures of the cute restaurant that we ate at.  I froze when I heard Jim gasp when he looked at my camera lens.  Luckily it was only the protective UV lens that I have on to protect my actual lens from getting scratched or broken.

Broken lens 

So, I'm carefully taking pictures until I can find another one.

Strawberry jam 

The food in this place was so good.  I was too worried about my lens I forgot to take pictures of the rest of our meal.  This was homemade strawberry jam....YUM!

The rains finally stopped so I quickly took a shot of the sky.

Sky above 

After dropping Jim off at the class he'll be taking all week, I spied this.  To see more of him head over to my photo's only blog.

Drying off

Now I'm off to see some sights and find me another lens cover.

You all have a wonderful day.