my day trip
birds of a feather flock together

warm weather won't melt this guy

I told you yesterday that I would show you something that I had found in the yarn shop that we went into.  We walk into the shop and started to look around when I spied this guy.  The owner of the shop and the customers there were checking out my felted bag and I was checking out this guy.

Knitted snowman

The shop owner knitted this snowman and everything on him is knitted except the pretty bow on his hat.  The shop owner said that they change the snowman's attire from time to time.

Snowman head

Some more fun yarn stuff...

On Ravelry I found a really neat link that someone posted about, making your own Wool Dryer Balls, instead of using costly dryer sheets.  These are a great way to use up that scrap wool yarn balls you have lying around and just can't throw away {if your anything like me you can't} and it's just not enough to make anything with.

Felted dryer balls

These two are just felted and I haven't tried them yet.  I want to make a few more too.  I'm excited to try these when I wash the items that no matter what, always come out of the dryer full of static.

On my last road trip I picked up a pattern and yarn for a felted Easter Basket.  I'm giving this to Lauren who likes it but isn't quite as excited with it as I am.  But, she said she would use it.

Easter basket felted

You know your child is getting too big and growing up when she says..."Can I pick out my own candy?"

Inside easter basket

Who's having Corned Beef and Cabbage today?  Me..Me...Me...and I am looking so forward to it.  The sad thing is, if I make it only Jim and I will eat it.  I think maybe one child out of eleven like it.  So, instead of making it and no one eating it, I enjoy my Corned Beef and Cabbage without the fuss and grumble.

Happy St Patrick's Day to you and if you're a Fin-lander...Happy St Urho's Day which is traditionally celebrated on March 16th.

Now go and enjoy the links and have a wonderful green kind of day today.