color week~day 7 violet
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the end of the rainbow

Color week is over and I have to say I'm a bit sad...

Rainbow pencils 

Rainbow paper  

Rainbow stamps  

For some more Rainbow colors head on over to The Little Red Hen for one last look at color week.


Time to reflect:

  • I've always known it but until you actually really look you forget how many shades of each color there take it for granted.
  • I have missed taking pictures and had fun doing color week.
  • I can face anything head on and still come out standing.
  • I love that I'm making some headway on some of the projects on my to-do list.
  • I enjoyed the warm Spring day this week and don't mind the rain coming least it's not snow.
  • I love seeing my boys share the same loves as their father.
  • Even though my girls are grown up, it's nice to have them still come to me when they need help.
  • There's nothing like having a sister.

You all have a wonderful Sunday today.