the lone figure and i hit the jackpot
sneak peeks

nibble, nibble, like a mouse

who is nibbling on my...tree.  I finally caught those little buggers in the act that chewed those trees that I had posted about awhile back.

Table for two

This one if you can see is almost climbing up the tree to get more bark.

A climber


It arrived, it's here in my hands...the long awaited book from The Farm Chicks.  At least it seemed like forever that it would get to my door.  I had a really hard time putting it down and head out the door last night.  If you are even thinking about getting this book, do get it.  You will not regret it, the Farm Chicks really did a wonderful job with their book.


Now, I'm off to check some blogs and get my day going.  I have lots to get done today as I'm going on a little day trip tomorrow so I need to get things done around the homestead so I can go.  I'm hoping to get some pictures.

Now, you all go and have a great day today.