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color week~day 6 blue

color week~day 5 green

It's green day today and when I think of green in March I think of St Patrick's day.  But, I don't think I have anything that would represent St Paddy's day.  Some of my photos I had to dig for but they are mine and if I have posted them before...sorry.  But, they will be new to those who are new to my blog.

On one of our river walks I spied this little itty bitty green grasshopper, and hey, the background is green too.


I spied this old snapping turtle last summer when I was on a morning bike ride.  Here he is lying on almost green grass with some green moss on it's back.

 Green-old turtle 

Ever wonder why there are ants on a Peony bush?  If you know why, please tell me, as I would love to know myself.


Doesn't this look like something you would love to float down on?  The river also looks green.  Guess what?  It's inside the Gaylord Opryland Hotel down in Nashville Tennessee where my DH and I had the wonderful opportunity to stay at.

But hey, I do have something that could be linked to St Patrick's day...the green river.  In Chicago every St Patrick's day the city will turn the Chicago River green.  They dump some kind of dye in the river...I'm guessing that the dye isn't harmful but if you click on the link you'll find it very interesting.


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