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the welcome sign was out


After everyone left on Saturday, Jim and I took off since he had Sunday off and the kids were not sticking around for Saturday night we decided to treat ourselves to a night at a B&B.  The weather was predicted for snow but we had rain that really turned icy.

I knew driving in that we were going to be having some peace and quiet.

The road


Since the weather was cold, rainy and damp the 3-sided fireplace was a treat to have.


We woke up to a grey day.  It had snowed in the night and the wind howled pretty fierce.

Grey day

Snowy porch

Seeing snow in the background where a tree is starting to leaf out looks pretty odd.

Cold and grey

We ourselves got quite a bit of snow, but Jim didn't have to shovel out the driveway because our wonderful thoughtful son Philip shoveled us out...Thanks Phil!!!!

Still a bit more to share with you.

homestead happenings

Porch sitting

The birds have been really active lately...they are probably just as excited for Spring as we are.  The duplex made it through another winter but it looks like the roof is needing some repair.  This one sat on the porch enjoying the nice weather the other day just watching all the other birds flitting around doing what birds do. 

We took advantage of the nice weather on Saturday and did some much needed yard work.  We still have a lot to do but it sure felt good just to get outside after being cooped up so long in the house after our long winter.


We have a busy week this week...daughter Carri is coming in town today with the kids, Erin is coming with her and I'm so happy about that.  I was pretty worried that Carri would be driving by herself with 3 kids and a new baby.  Son-in-law Bill will be heading here with Becky on Thursday.  All are coming for our daughter-in-law Clare's baby shower this Saturday, all except Bill who will be hanging out with the guys.  Bill and Carri are wanting Gwen to be baptized while they are here so we'll be having a baptism here on Friday night.

After the shower on Saturday Jim and I are leaving for the night and Lauren will be going back to Minnesota with the girls for Spring break to spend some time with the girls and Carri's family.  She is so looking forward to that.

The cradle is coming along great...Phil has been cleaning up the glue and working on the stand.   The bottom is in and he's been sanding it down getting it ready to stain.  It's going to be really beautiful and I can't wait to show you the finished work.

Getting the glue

So, with being busy this week I don't think I'll be able to post much or at all but I hope to at least visit some blogs.  But if I can't I'll visit you next week.

I hope you all have a wonderful week

leave it to beaver

On Sunday morning Jim and I went to the river for a morning walk with Sadie.  As always I took my camera not really expecting to see much.  Especially with nothing blooming quite yet there is absolutely no color to speak of.  But, you just never know what you're going to find. 

Being early morning there was a slight foggy mist over the river.  You can see the makings of a dam by the beavers.

Hazy river

The other side of the path looked completely different but with another dam made by the beavers.

Beaver dam

The beavers have been quite busy and you will see how in the following pictures.

Felled trees

Teeth marks


Wood shavings


When starting on our walk and the first thing we see is a beaver swimming across the pond, should have been an indication that we were in for a treat.

signs of spring

Yesterday was the first day of Spring.  We are still having cold weather and waking up to frost on some mornings.  Yesterday was also our oldest sons 30th birthday.  I still can hardly believe that I have a child who is 30. 

The flowers are not blooming yet and the buds on the trees are not quite there yet.  But, there are some signs that indicate that Spring is

The ice gone from the lake and nothing but open water.

The light

A Robin looking for worms.


Plants starting to sprout up.

Tender ones

Blue Herons nesting in the trees.


Seeing the Great Blue Heron's was a treat to see.  We didn't know that they even nested in our area.



Enjoy your weekend.

she did it

I have been getting after my sister Donna who crochets to venture out and make something other than blankets...mind you there is nothing wrong with blankets.  I just thought that she would have so much fun making something else.  Donna has been wanting to get some kind of holder for her crochet hooks.  I thought of making her one so I started to surf the web to find a pattern to sew.  I found a couple, but I spied a crocheted felted holder that totally jumped out at me.  We have been getting together to knit and crochet every so often, so she came over to my house and she had it made and felted all in one night.

I was so proud of her, I just knew she could make it and here it is.

Hook case end

Like always I forget to take pictures of each step and I forgot to take the picture BEFORE it was felted.  But, here it is felted and she's starting to work on the middle strip that will hold the hooks (which she did when the felted part was all dry)

Felted hook holder

Inside hook case

Isn't it great?  I gave her some yarn from my scraps that I knew I wouldn't be able to make anything out of as there just wasn't enough and there wasn't, so she had to add a bit of the light brown which was the exact same yarn both from a felted hat I had made a couple of years ago.

Hook case

The sock yarn in my stash have been calling I started a pair of socks yesterday and took it to the "Knit Together" that I went to last night.  I just love the colors and I can't wait to get them done so I can wear them.

Sock 1

Not much else going on here at the homestead other than knitting and scrapping.  I ordered some of my pictures on-line that I plan on putting in a book and I can't wait to get started on it.  I wish the day wouldn't end just so I could do all the things I love to do...and the only thing getting in the way of that is sleep.

I'm seeing signs of spring around here I hope you are too.

Now, go and enjoy your day.

warm weather won't melt this guy

I told you yesterday that I would show you something that I had found in the yarn shop that we went into.  We walk into the shop and started to look around when I spied this guy.  The owner of the shop and the customers there were checking out my felted bag and I was checking out this guy.

Knitted snowman

The shop owner knitted this snowman and everything on him is knitted except the pretty bow on his hat.  The shop owner said that they change the snowman's attire from time to time.

Snowman head

Some more fun yarn stuff...

On Ravelry I found a really neat link that someone posted about, making your own Wool Dryer Balls, instead of using costly dryer sheets.  These are a great way to use up that scrap wool yarn balls you have lying around and just can't throw away {if your anything like me you can't} and it's just not enough to make anything with.

Felted dryer balls

These two are just felted and I haven't tried them yet.  I want to make a few more too.  I'm excited to try these when I wash the items that no matter what, always come out of the dryer full of static.

On my last road trip I picked up a pattern and yarn for a felted Easter Basket.  I'm giving this to Lauren who likes it but isn't quite as excited with it as I am.  But, she said she would use it.

Easter basket felted

You know your child is getting too big and growing up when she says..."Can I pick out my own candy?"

Inside easter basket

Who's having Corned Beef and Cabbage today?  Me..Me...Me...and I am looking so forward to it.  The sad thing is, if I make it only Jim and I will eat it.  I think maybe one child out of eleven like it.  So, instead of making it and no one eating it, I enjoy my Corned Beef and Cabbage without the fuss and grumble.

Happy St Patrick's Day to you and if you're a Fin-lander...Happy St Urho's Day which is traditionally celebrated on March 16th.

Now go and enjoy the links and have a wonderful green kind of day today.

my day trip

My sister-in-law called last week to say she was going to visit her daughter who lives downstate and would I want to tag along?  You bet I would and did.  Here are some shots from that trip.

Some old barns along the way.

Old farm

White barn

Having lunch with my niece and her husband.

Jeremy and laura

After lunch the ladies headed to town for some sightseeing and a bit of shopping.  The town square clock. I love seeing clocks up on buildings.

Town clock

Since I am not a "small town" girl {only at heart}, I loved how this man was delivering newspapers to all the businesses in town.

Newspaper man

This could be Mayberry RFD...I just had to turn the next two photos to black & white.

B & W cafe

Cafe counter

I was too excited to find some aprons in one of the shops we went into.  The two bib aprons are children aprons and the full apron reminds me of the one my Grandmother wore.

Apron collage

It was a fun trip and tomorrow I will show you something that has to do with yarn that I found in the yarn shop in town.

Now, you all go and have a wonderful sunny day today.