a ghost?
breakfast anyone?

visiting the horses

Sadie and I went out to feed the horses yesterday.  The two red horses always come if they are near the fence, hoping that you will feed them.  The black horse isn't so friendly.  I did have some carrots in my pocket and they knew it.

This guys name is Red.

Big red 

This one I can't recall his name...just about stared me down for a carrot.

Staring me down

Sadie of course did not behave herself and was going wild running around and barking like crazy at the horses and they started to get a bit nervous.

Here they are looking at her like she's nuts with all her barking and carrying on so.


I guess they had enough of her so off they went.

Scared away 

But, they didn't go far, thinking I still had more carrots.

Turning around 

Heading back just to make sure. 

   Coming back   

Sadie just had to have a last bark and look before we went back home and left them alone.

Sadie and red 

After my venture outside I did manage to finish my Siggy Blocks...

Siggy block sewn

and now I'm starting to personalize them.


I also did some more work on the Labyrinth Carpetbag. 

This side is finished, and if you can tell it's as big as the cushion on the Lazy-boy recliner and measures 18"  x 22 1/2" .

 Carpetbag side 1 

I have only one more hexagon to finish before the felting starts...and I should be felting by this afternoon if I can get that last hexagon done.

Carpetbag side 2 

That's about it for today.  I have a lot to get done this morning before I can even work on the carpetbag.

You all have a great day.