all dried up but not forgotten
random shots from the weekend


I am starting to despise this new computer that we have.  The Internet will just stop working and will restart again only to have lost everything I was composing, unless I keep saving it as I go along and anything that I saved will still be there....grrrrr, who wants to keep saving every few minutes.  I guess I'm going to have to.

I saw a crazy scene the other day, but of course I didn't have my camera so I had to go all the way home then go all the way back and dummy me I should have stayed in the car because these cute sheep took off as soon as the door opened up.  They didn't mind that I pulled up next to them only when the door opened up.

Runaway sheep 

But look at what these cute sheep were doing...eating all the bark off the trees as high as they could reach.

Chewed trees 

My Labyrinth Carpetbag is coming along nicely. 

Carpet bag 2 

Now it's starting to take on a funky look.

Hexagon bag 

I'm hoping to get this bag done before winter is over...I don't think the colors are really for Spring/Summer. 

 What do you think?