random shots from the weekend
a ghost?

letter C

I almost forgot about this fun meme that I said I would do...Zaroga gave me the letter "C" and I have to write about 10 things that I love.  

 Here goes and I've added pictures to go with each word.

1. Coneflowers~my utmost favorite flower.


2. Chickens~  I love them and wish I had a barnyard full of them, so I do the next best thing and collect them.


3. Contentment~I love being content with my life and I don't need anything else.


4. Crafts~I love to make all kinds of things.


5. Consistent~I love that I have held to the same principles and beliefs throughout my life.


6. Carrot Cake at the Cheesecake Factory~my favorite place to have dessert.

Carrot cake1

7. Chicago~the windy city...there's nothing like it, so how can you not love it.

Street level 

8. Close-up shots~ I love taking them...you see the most interesting things up close.


9. Cuddling~I love to cuddle and there is nothing like cuddling those wonderful Grandchildren close to you.


and last but definitely not least....

10. Coke~in the Diet form.

Diet coke

Now if you want to play along just pick a letter and post 10 things you love.  Let me know if you do so I can come and read the words you picked.