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a couple of awards and i need your help

I bought a tulip plant the other day and it's starting to open up.  Just a bit of Spring to have around the house.


I was given a couple of Awards and I want to share them with you. 

Kar over at Kar's Down Home Bliss gave me this award.  Thank you Kar.



Joyce over at Home Again-Vintage Treasures gave me this award.  Thank you Joyce.


I have to post 6 things I'm thankful for.

I'm Thankful for...

1. My Faith

2. My Husband, Children and Grandchildren

3. My Health

4. My freedom, and that I'm able to write this post.

I know I only have 4 things that I'm thankful for...anything else I thought of sounded corny and these 4 were the ones that popped into my mind right away so I went with these.

Now, I'm supposed to pass these 2 awards along but I always have such a hard time deciding who to give them I'm giving them to all who are on my blog list, because you are all deserving of both of these awards.

Now for the help.  Last night at my ASG meeting we were all given a wrapped gift.  Inside each gift there were 2 pieces of fabric one measuring 1/2 yard and the other measuring just over 1/4 yard.  This is our challenge fabric for the year.  Now, I have done it every time since joining but there are many who don't.  This year no one was given the chance to say NO.  I think that's more party poopers.  Now here is the fabric were were given.


Any ideas for what to make would be great.  I do have a few...a bag/purse, a pillow, cover a small foot stool, line a basket.   We have to use at least 75% of each fabric piece.  I would love more ideas if anyone has any.

I'm making a 3 Button Wrap out of this delicious, yummy yarn.

Brush paint 

So far, I am about 25% done on it.

3 buttonhole shawl 

Enough chit~chatting for today.

You all have an awesome day and I'll see you on Monday.