bored, bored, bored
new granddaughter

drum roll please...

It's done,


it's finished,

and I'm so pleased with the results and just in time to still use it before the warm weather comes and I want to have a nice Spring/Summer purse.  But, after all this work I just might use it in the summer too...who knows.  This wool yarn felted very fast and I did 95% of it by hand and when my arms gave out Jim took over, then about the last 5-10 minutes I threw it in the washing machine.

Carpebag finished 

Now on to finishing the next project. 

Speaking of wool, on Saturday when we came home from our breakfast outing, Jim had to shovel the driveway and sidewalk.  When he came in, he cleaned up and pulled out his wools.  I can't remember where he got the wool pants...I think he ordered them from somewhere either on-line or a catalog.  He looks like a "lumberjack" to me, all he needs is a pair of suspenders.

Wool attire

We got a wonderful surprise on Friday, our daughter Erin came home for the weekend.  She hitched a ride with a cousin who lives in Minnesota too, who was coming for the weekend and offered to bring Erin home.  Erin starts a new job on Friday...Yeah!!!!!

The Church clothes get changed and comics brought out waiting for Sunday dinner to be served.  It doesn't matter what age they still love those Archie comics. 

Relaxing with comics 

Our dog Sadie is in "heat" or "season" right now and if she comes in the house she has to wear something on her bottom.  She knows when we take out her "diaper" that she's coming in the house.  The kids are so mean...they call her "diaper girl".

Diaper girl   

Well that about sums up my weekend chit~chat.

You all have a wonderful day today.