a look of it's own
a little bit of cheer

i just love road trips....don't you?

Good Monday to you and how was your weekend?  Mine was fun, awesome, fabulous...just to name a few to describe how it was.

On Saturday I went on a little road trip with a friend of mine who belongs to a knitting group in her home town.  The knitting group had a wonderful road trip planned and Emily invited anyone from our Yarn Club to tag along and 2 of us did...my aunt and I took her up on it.  What a fun day it was.  My mad money dwindled down to just about nothing, but I don't care I'll just build it up again for the next road trip.

We went to 2 of the most wonderful yarn shops I have ever been in.  This is what I saw in the first one as I walked in the door and I fell in love with it off the bat.  Isn't it gorgeous?...and the price was just right, so it came home with me.

Yarn basket 

Everyone wondered if I would be able to fill it up.  You bet I could.  Look it's almost full now just from all the yarn I've purchased before.

   Yarn stash  

My delicious yummy yarn purchase.   Hmm...I seem to think all yarns and fabric as yummy, like it's something you can eat.

   Yummy yarn  

The instigator or ring leader of this road trip was Emily.  Look at all that yummy yarn behind her, and check out that beautiful shawl that she's wearing.  Emily does beautiful work.

  Em the ring leader  

Some ladies already done shopping and waiting for the others to finish up.  This was an awesome trip, no one hurried anyone, we just took our time and looked for just that right skein of fiber.

Some of the group

After a lunch break we started to head on home, but not before we made one more stop at this cute yarn shop.

   Just 4 ewe   

There's talk about another road trip and I sure hope I can tag along again.