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frosting or meringue

On Sunday we took a drive and stopped along the way so I could take a few shots of the snow drifts along the snow fence.  As you can see the snow fence really does work.  I thought the drifts looked like frosting or meringue.

Shiny snow 

Snow drifts 

More drifts 

I thought this corn field looked kind of neat all lonely and deserted like.

Lonely cornfield 

drum roll please...

It's done,


it's finished,

and I'm so pleased with the results and just in time to still use it before the warm weather comes and I want to have a nice Spring/Summer purse.  But, after all this work I just might use it in the summer too...who knows.  This wool yarn felted very fast and I did 95% of it by hand and when my arms gave out Jim took over, then about the last 5-10 minutes I threw it in the washing machine.

Carpebag finished 

Now on to finishing the next project. 

Speaking of wool, on Saturday when we came home from our breakfast outing, Jim had to shovel the driveway and sidewalk.  When he came in, he cleaned up and pulled out his wools.  I can't remember where he got the wool pants...I think he ordered them from somewhere either on-line or a catalog.  He looks like a "lumberjack" to me, all he needs is a pair of suspenders.

Wool attire

We got a wonderful surprise on Friday, our daughter Erin came home for the weekend.  She hitched a ride with a cousin who lives in Minnesota too, who was coming for the weekend and offered to bring Erin home.  Erin starts a new job on Friday...Yeah!!!!!

The Church clothes get changed and comics brought out waiting for Sunday dinner to be served.  It doesn't matter what age they still love those Archie comics. 

Relaxing with comics 

Our dog Sadie is in "heat" or "season" right now and if she comes in the house she has to wear something on her bottom.  She knows when we take out her "diaper" that she's coming in the house.  The kids are so mean...they call her "diaper girl".

Diaper girl   

Well that about sums up my weekend chit~chat.

You all have a wonderful day today.

bored, bored, bored

With DH working most of the day...can you tell I was a bit bored?
ETA:  Let me know if my blog is uploading too slow for you.  I'm thinking it's the color background.  I got bored and decided to change the colors and now it seems to be uploading really really slow.
Drop me a comment if you would, just so I know if I need to change things again.

breakfast anyone?

Pancake house

DH and I ventured out this morning for breakfast at the near by Pancake House.  We woke up this morning to a winter wonderland and this is what we drove through to get there.

Yucky road 

Note: I was not driving while taking this picture...I know you were wondering that (lol). 

visiting the horses

Sadie and I went out to feed the horses yesterday.  The two red horses always come if they are near the fence, hoping that you will feed them.  The black horse isn't so friendly.  I did have some carrots in my pocket and they knew it.

This guys name is Red.

Big red 

This one I can't recall his name...just about stared me down for a carrot.

Staring me down

Sadie of course did not behave herself and was going wild running around and barking like crazy at the horses and they started to get a bit nervous.

Here they are looking at her like she's nuts with all her barking and carrying on so.


I guess they had enough of her so off they went.

Scared away 

But, they didn't go far, thinking I still had more carrots.

Turning around 

Heading back just to make sure. 

   Coming back   

Sadie just had to have a last bark and look before we went back home and left them alone.

Sadie and red 

After my venture outside I did manage to finish my Siggy Blocks...

Siggy block sewn

and now I'm starting to personalize them.


I also did some more work on the Labyrinth Carpetbag. 

This side is finished, and if you can tell it's as big as the cushion on the Lazy-boy recliner and measures 18"  x 22 1/2" .

 Carpetbag side 1 

I have only one more hexagon to finish before the felting starts...and I should be felting by this afternoon if I can get that last hexagon done.

Carpetbag side 2 

That's about it for today.  I have a lot to get done this morning before I can even work on the carpetbag.

You all have a great day. 

a ghost?

Woke up this morning to a cold day with some snow on the ground.  When I tucked myself in bed last night it was cold and the roads were sheets of ice.  I could hear the wind howling and dogs barking.    This morning though looking out the patio window the shadows popped out at me, one shadow laid across the temporary steps going out our patio door.

Temporary steps 

The next picture caught my eye also...the shadow of the birdhouse in the back yard also known as the "duplex".


So, I had to look up the word shadow and one of the definitions in the Webster New World revised and updated paperback dictionary said... a ghost.  I have never looked at a shadow and thought of a least not until now.

letter C

I almost forgot about this fun meme that I said I would do...Zaroga gave me the letter "C" and I have to write about 10 things that I love.  

 Here goes and I've added pictures to go with each word.

1. Coneflowers~my utmost favorite flower.


2. Chickens~  I love them and wish I had a barnyard full of them, so I do the next best thing and collect them.


3. Contentment~I love being content with my life and I don't need anything else.


4. Crafts~I love to make all kinds of things.


5. Consistent~I love that I have held to the same principles and beliefs throughout my life.


6. Carrot Cake at the Cheesecake Factory~my favorite place to have dessert.

Carrot cake1

7. Chicago~the windy city...there's nothing like it, so how can you not love it.

Street level 

8. Close-up shots~ I love taking see the most interesting things up close.


9. Cuddling~I love to cuddle and there is nothing like cuddling those wonderful Grandchildren close to you.


and last but definitely not least....

10. Coke~in the Diet form.

Diet coke

Now if you want to play along just pick a letter and post 10 things you love.  Let me know if you do so I can come and read the words you picked.

random shots from the weekend

Jason and Olisa were here for the weekend, Kate went away for a girls weekend with her friends so Jason and Olisa spent the weekend at our house.  Here are some shots from Saturday night...Joshua, Aleena and the kids came over for sauna.

Here Olisa is very interested in the "play" cell phone. 

I can't find the number 

Don't ya just love his cheeks...always rosy, especially after sauna. 


The grand-kids can't believe their luck when we bring up the little kitchen set from the basement.


Oh man have I a great dish for you...

Mexican Lasagna

Mexican lasagna 

Here, I served you up a slice already.

Slice of mexican lasagna

I made this for dinner Saturday night...actually Jim helped too.  It was very tasty.  I got the recipe out of the Gooseberry Patch Family Favorite cookbook that I bought.  I was too lazy to type out the recipe so I put it in a file to print out if you would like to try it.

Download Mexican Lasagna

Lots to do today...Yarn Club tonight and I hope to get my Carpetbag finished and felted within the next couple of days.

You all have a great day today.


I am starting to despise this new computer that we have.  The Internet will just stop working and will restart again only to have lost everything I was composing, unless I keep saving it as I go along and anything that I saved will still be there....grrrrr, who wants to keep saving every few minutes.  I guess I'm going to have to.

I saw a crazy scene the other day, but of course I didn't have my camera so I had to go all the way home then go all the way back and dummy me I should have stayed in the car because these cute sheep took off as soon as the door opened up.  They didn't mind that I pulled up next to them only when the door opened up.

Runaway sheep 

But look at what these cute sheep were doing...eating all the bark off the trees as high as they could reach.

Chewed trees 

My Labyrinth Carpetbag is coming along nicely. 

Carpet bag 2 

Now it's starting to take on a funky look.

Hexagon bag 

I'm hoping to get this bag done before winter is over...I don't think the colors are really for Spring/Summer. 

 What do you think?