baby steps
spring cleaning

tired of snow yet?

We are having another winter storm.  The temps are supposed to get up to 10° and 100% snow precipitation dropping tonight to -12°. 

Snowy tops 

Eventually this milk can is going to be completely covered with snow.


Lauren has a late start and I keep checking the schools website to see if they just might change that to NO school.

Last week I was supposed to get my haircut, but since I had Jury Duty I had to cancel.  I would have had to cancel anyway because my Hairdresser ended up getting very sick.  So, yesterday I called and was able to get in.  After what happened last time I wasn't so sure that I really wanted to go back.  I was in need of a hair cut badly and I resisted the urge to start playing hairdresser myself.  I'm glad I resisted and I'm glad I went back.  I think I got the best haircut she's ever given me, one thing why I like going to her is she listens to what I want.

You know what I'm dreaming about right now?



You all have a beautiful day today.