a sunday morning walk along the river
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hump day

Isn't that what they call Wednesday, the middle of the week?  I'm off today from Jury Duty.  I didn't get picked for a trial so today I'm off and I have to call tonight to see if I have to report on Thursday.  What I went through yesterday was pretty interesting.  There were 17 of us interviewed by the Judge and only 8 were picked for a 5 day trial.  I'm not sure if not being picked was good or bad.  One woman I was talking to said she has been called to serve 7 times and has never been picked yet to serve on a Jury.

My trip on the train was also rather interesting, all the business people heading to work in the city.  When you get off the train if you don't get your feet moving you'll just get carried along and hope and pray your going in the right direction.  I took a cab to the Federal Building as I didn't know how long it would take me to walk there, but on my way back I did walk.  I stopped in a book store and bought a couple of Knitting books and read one on the train going home.  I grabbed a sandwich for lunch seeing it was 12:30 going on 1:00 p.m. and I hadn't had any lunch yet and the last time I had eaten anything was 5:15 a.m.  I was wishing I had my camera with me, so much to see in the big city.

Yarn club was last night and I was glad to have been able to make it.  I'm working on a neck cozy right now. 

We had company Monday night, Drew and Jordan.  Both these boys are in the Army.  Jordan is here for a short visit on leave and Drew was injured in Iraq and lives near us and will be getting out of the Army in the Spring.  My throat choked up when I heard both these boys say how they loved coming to our home and hanging out with our boys.  These boys and our boys went back and forth to each others houses when they were growing up.

Two brothers 

So, of course I had to have them over for dinner along with Phil and Clare who wanted to visit with them.  I made a super dessert.  I found the recipe over at Kelli's, called Buckeye Brownies.  If you scroll down her post you will find the recipe.  I was going to make them for Christmas Eve but decided to make them at a later time so I made them for dessert.

Buckeye brownie 

I've must be off...I have some sewing to do for my ASG challenge for the month of January.

You all have a scrumpdilly of a day.

if that is even a word :)