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don't ever put a cake in the oven and then go off to sew

happy monday

Blueberry pie 

Over the weekend I made some blueberry pie from blueberries that my in-laws brought down from Upper Michigan where they spend the summers.  It's like having a bit of summer back eating blueberry pie a la mode.  I've been busy sewing away on the quilt blocks for the "Siggy Swap" and I've been knitting on the knitting project that I've got going.  Right now I can't share that one as it's a gift for someone.

We're trying to stay warm here but it's getting pretty hard.  Boots are about the only thing I wear on my feet when I leave the house...except for Sundays then I wear my dress shoes and I'm thinking after freezing my feet yesterday that my Sorels might not be a bad idea for next Sunday.  They may not look really good with a skirt, but at least my feet will stay warm.

I have to share another picture of Kendall, she can be a ham.  Would you believe she used to be shy?

Being a ham

I've got some really great links to share with you today also.

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2.  Craft Tutorial over at Sis Boom Day Dream.

3. Animals in Aprons over at Turkey Feathers.  This one was a giveaway but everyone is a winner and Vicki has a PDF file.

4. Design your own Sampler over at Posie Gets Cozy, a cute link.

Head on over and check them out.

You all have a great day today.