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go green and my strawberry & vintage apron collections

I have done some redecorating in the house.  You know how I love aprons and I have some vintage aprons tucked away in my China cabinet drawer just waiting to come out of hiding.  As I was taking my Christmas decorations down I decided I wasn't going to put the things I had back up but decided to do something different.  I have quite a few vintage aprons and so I hung four of them on my shelf that is in my hallway by the kitchen.  I also decided to display some of the little pitchers I have instead of hiding them in the China cabinet too.

Vintage aprons 

I had a hard time deciding which ones to put out so I will change the aprons once in awhile so they don't all hide in the drawer.  I also put out all the strawberry items that I have.  The jar was my Grandma M's and the scoop that she used is still in the jar.

Strawberry collection 

 I did some sewing yesterday...YEAH!!!  It felt really good even tho my sewing room is a total disaster.  I enjoyed the afternoon sewing.  Tonight is my ASG meeting and this months challenge is "Go Green".  We had to make a bag that we would bring to the grocery store and use to bring our groceries home in.  The only stipulation was we had to use things from our stash.  What I didn't have I made my own.  I bought some fabric last year to make the duffel bags for the Allendale kids but didn't use these two fabrics.  I didn't have any webbing for the straps so I made my own straps.

Go green 

I put a pocket on the front for carrying those magazines or cards that you don't want to get wrinkled or ripped up on the way home. 

Green bag pocket 

To make the bottom a bit more sturdy I used some heavy weight double sided stiff fusible interfacing that I just knew someday I would use.  I put the contrasting fabric over it and serged the edges.

Go green bottom 

Now, the colors are not your typical colors that you would find these bags are made out of.  But, who knows maybe if I do use it to carry my groceries home in I might be starting some new trend.