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Fear not 

A page from the Apronisms (Pocket Wisdom for Every Day) Book by EllynAnne Geisel. 

I love my apron books and when I opened the Apronisms book this was the page that I opened to.  I guess I need to start preparing myself for when the last one flies the coop.  Do you think opening the book to this page means something? (lol) 

Hey all you apron lovers in case you haven't heard there is a "new" apron magazine coming out called Apronology and you can read all about it over at Apron Memories.

The weekend turned pretty cold, but not as cold as we've had a couple of weeks ago.  I forgot to show you something I won in a giveaway.  A cute knitted mug cozy that wraps great round our Waffle House coffee cup. 

Mug cozy 

I made a wonderful recipe the other night.  This one I found over at Warm Pie, Happy Home, called Hillbilly Spaghetti Pie.  I had to pick up two of the Grandkids from their bus stop so they had dinner with us, and they loved this different form of Spaghetti.

Hillbilly spaghetti pie

I also made this recipe from Anna at Thimbleanna last week and I made Nikki's Challah bread to go with it....YUM!!!  Dummy me I forgot to snap pictures.  I remembered after it was all gone....sigh!

I saw something over at my friend Diane's Blog.  It was so cute I thought I would make one myself and since Valentine's Day is fast approaching I thought I would decorate mine for Valentines Day.

Cake plate valentine 

Valentine cake top  

A view from the top. 

Sorry the pictures are a bit dark.  I went to Hobby Lobby and found oodles of things on sale to put in it.  It's one way to get some use out of my cake plate. 

I have all my blocks cut out for the Siggy Swap and I've started sewing them together.  It's been fun doing it and now I know why people quilt.  I don't think I will ever get like this lady AmandaJean, she calls her blog "crazy mom quilts", and she not only quilts she knits too.

Now I'm off to the races with getting things done around here.

You all have an awesome day today.