2009 will be a busy year
tired of snow yet?

baby steps


My dear wonderful husband put up my Embellishment Center the other day.   I am slowly adding things to it as I'm slowly going through my sewing room.  Which is a project that is going to take some time.  It's so hard for me to throw things away that I have been saving for oodles and oodles of years.  I'm a pack rat by trade don't you know so baby steps have to be taken when going through my things.

Hey, bet your wondering about that Jury duty stuff....well....I have been calling every night to see if I have to report and the message so far has been "You do not need to report on January....., but please continue to call everyday after 5:00 p.m".  So, I've been going about my business as usual and keeping ready in case I hear the message "You need to report on January....".

I've been doing some changes getting ready for when my winter banner comes down.  There's nothing like a "new" face lift now and again.  The temps in our area are expected to be dropping and I'm thinking a good hot soup like the one that I found over at Anna's Blog would be just what Old Man Winter ordered.

Well I'm off to start my day and get going on the first of my many projects for the year.

You all have a wonderful warm day today.