oh, the weather outside is frightful
they were right

it's thursday today

and Thursday's are my favorite day.  Things are starting to wind down.  I have a couple of gifts yet to buy but nothing major.  In a couple days the house is going to start hopping.  Jake and Reba (aka: Redbone Coonhound) are coming and staying until Christmas, then they are heading to Michigan to pick up Jennie from the Airport to spend the rest of the Christmas holiday there.  Jason and Kate might be coming for the weekend and Becky will be here on Monday.

I'm planning to make Prune Tarts today which Jim loves.  The kids don't care for them too much.  I find that some will take out the filling and eat only the crust when I'm not looking.  Last night for dinner I made a recipe I found over at Thimbleanna, called Carrot Puff.  I cut the sugar in half and it was still delicious.  I could probably put 1/4 the amount of sugar and it still would taste fine.  I think this was the same dish that my DIL had served at Thanksgiving.  I'll make this recipe again.

              Carrot puff

I'm still planning my menu for Christmas Eve.  I'm torn between a couple of dishes to have.

Lauren has finals all week and then it's Winter break but, we are predicted to have a huge snow storm tonight with 5-7 inches of snow mixed with sleet and when it's all done we're supposed to have a total of 9-12 inches.  But, who knows if they'll be right with their predictions.  Hopefully though Lauren will get those finals in and not have to make them up after the break.

I'm still plugging along on my Christmas Knitting Calender project.  There's no doubt about it....it's a scarf.  I've been slowly knitting away at it and I'm not caught up with the current date yet.  But, that's okay it will be done this winter.  I'm still curious as to what the triangle hole is going to used for.


Since we have a BIG snow storm coming, I must be off to get my day going, there's much to be done.

You all have a wonderful day on this super Thursday.