it's thursday today
i'm very honored

they were right

Last night when I went to bed it still wasn't snowing.  Jim reminded me of what Kiirsti had told him a couple of years ago, she must have been in Kindergarten or 1st grade and I was thinking that she's right.  Kiirsti said to Jim..."Grandpa you can never believe the Weather man, he always lies".  We have no idea where she got that from but we got a charge out of it.

 Snowy christmas greens

A few shots of my front porch. 

Front porch

  View outside  

This view is from my kitchen looking out the patio door.  Excuse the reflections in the glass.

Jake is on his way and should be here by 10:00 P.M. tonight.  Hopefully most of the bad weather will have blown through and will be clear sailing coming up Indiana.

What's on the agenda today?  I have some cleaning to do, gifts to wrap and maybe some knitting.  I went shopping yesterday and the store was quite busy...everyone getting ready for the storm.

Big load

Jim and Sadie scooping us out.  I best be going so I'll leave you with a few more snow pictures.

Snow covered greens 

Snowy outside