2008 a year in review
Happy New Year!

the end of 2008

Dan turned 21 on the 29th.  Such a milestone in a young persons life isn't it?

Candle lighting 

Dan's birthday was a busy day for him at work.  I wondered if he was even going to make it to celebrate his birthday at all and I was too busy to even think about making a cake so I went to the bakery to get one.

 21 today  

2008 was an okay year for work for us but 2009 appears to be slowing down a bit.  So we'll just have to pray that all goes well.  I know there are some that have already felt the impact of what's about to come and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

I love blogging and will continue to blog in 2009.  There may be a few changes and I just might do a giveaway this year.  I have also met some really wonderful people through blogging, one who I actually got to meet in person.  That I think was one of the most exciting things to happen for me this past year.  The most exciting thing for me to happen was celebrating 30 years with my wonderful husband who I love very much. 

We are off later this afternoon to visit our daughter Carri and her family in Minnesota.  We should be getting there before the New Year rings in.   I've got my knitting bag packed and I'm ready for the car ride.  We won't be back until late Saturday.

I hope and pray that each and everyone of you has a safe and wonderful time welcoming in the New Year.