home is where "my" heart is
it's thursday today

oh, the weather outside is frightful

The fire is so delightful....and if you have no place to go...Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow.

Jim shoveling

Last night we got a few inches of snow.  I don't mind snow and we have gotten a couple of snowfalls so far this year.  I heard we are to get freezing rain and some snow on Thursday.  The freezing rain we could do without but the snow can come.  The boys stopped by after doing an emergency call and started shoveling the driveway.


Shoveling snow

Sadie loves the snow and will play in it all day as long as we are out there with her.  I'm guessing the lab in her is coming out.  Labs are water dogs and snow melted is water, so it's no wonder she loves to play in the snow.

Sadie in snow