i can't talk long
oh, the weather outside is frightful

home is where "my" heart is

Soap dish My gift from our Church Christmas party was this dish.  It came with 2 soaps and I'm already using one of the soaps.  I like to do gift exchanges but not the game they play.  Call me a stick in the mud gal but I don't care.  I figure if I picked out a gift to open I want to keep it...not have someone steal it from me.  This year, hehe...I stole a gift and every time someone tried to look at it I would just open the cover of the box just enough so that they could take a peak at it.  I fell in love with this dish and it looks great on my bathroom counter.  I also fell in love with the box it came in.  I'm not sure what I will do with the box but I thought it was cute.

Gift box

My dad is home resting from his Cataract surgery.  All went well with that.  He's not one to wait in any hospital, so as soon as he got in the room to recover, he's talking about going home.  Oh gee whiz dad, at least give yourself enough time to recover and let them take the I.V. out.

It's snowing now and it's 16° outside.  Winter is here to stay.  Our snow melted from the other day when it was so warm out.  I want it to snow and it wouldn't be winter if it didn't.

Boy, is my memory going and I'm not even 50 yet.  I heard Laurens bus this morning and realized that she wasn't down from upstairs.  I ran yelling her name through the house only to realize when I got to her room that this morning she was getting picked up for her driving instruction.  Did I feel dumb.  I then heard Erin up and it was 45 minutes before she gets up for work.  I am so losing it.

Sweet tooth mouse I thought I would share some more of my Annalee's with you.  This is Sweet Tooth Mouse and she comes out every Christmas along with a few others that I have.  Each Annalee's face is hand painted.  There is just something about these dolls that I love.  My mom has collected them over the years and I have also "inherited" her fondness for them.  Most of them I have received from my mom and a few I have bought myself.

This pair is another favorite of mine, Mr and Mrs Claus.  I have had these two for quite some time now.

Mr & mrs claus

Annalee dolls, you either love them or you don't.  I happen to love them, they somehow grow on you.

I'll try before Christmas to show you my snowman collection.

Tonight is a night to stay at home with a fire burning in the fireplace and a pie in the makings.  The plow has gone by a few times, so for sure I'm staying put.