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meet my gingerbread boy and girl

Gingerbread girl I can't remember how long ago I got these two.  They were from a student when I was a teachers aide.  I always think of the little girl who gave them to me when I take them out of the box every year.  Molly was her name and I'm thinking she must be a Freshman in High School. 

I enjoyed working in the school and when I see a child I had in class, I can't believe how big they are.  Some really touched my life and I think of them often.   Especially when I pull out things like my gingerbread boy and girl, memories come flooding back.

Gingerbread boy

So, this year these two are on a shelf in my Kitchen where I can see them all the time. 

Speaking of kitchens, I think ours is the mostly used room in our house.  Some days I don't think anyone ever goes into the living room and it could be days before I open up the shades.  If I don't go in there I forget to open them.

When we built our house we made our kitchen pretty big.  I figured that was where I would be spending most of my time and I was right and now since the wood stove has been going for weeks I don't want to be anywhere else in the house but the kitchen.  The kitchen is warm and cozy just like I like it.

Saturday my sister came over and we made a couple batches of cookies.  My Christmas Butter cookies and Kiss cookies. 

Hint on the Kiss cookies, I bake mine for 6 minutes then put the chocolate kiss on, then I put the cookies back in the oven for 3-5 minutes more.  You won't be biting into hard chocolate anymore.

Kiss cookies