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Too much going on today but I wanted to check in.Hot Pepper Apron 

We had our Church Christmas Party on Saturday night.  I wasn't sure if we were even going to go because we were picking our son from the airport.  Phil and Clare went on a delayed honeymoon.  I didn't even have a gift for the party, and since I already had this apron cut out I decided to whip it up to bring.

Today our Grandson Wyatt comes so I can babysit him and our son Jason is coming to get our computer up and running that has been sitting in a box on the floor in our kitchen for oh so long now.  He's been worried about getting it running way more then we have.  I don't mind fighting my way through the computer that we have now.  I've gotten used to it's quirks and problems.

We had rain yesterday with the temps in the high 40's and then the temps dropped.  This morning it was 4° outside.  It dropped 40° overnight.  I hope the roads aren't too bad for anyone who has to be out driving this morning.

You all have a great day today.