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the end of 2008

Dan turned 21 on the 29th.  Such a milestone in a young persons life isn't it?

Candle lighting 

Dan's birthday was a busy day for him at work.  I wondered if he was even going to make it to celebrate his birthday at all and I was too busy to even think about making a cake so I went to the bakery to get one.

 21 today  

2008 was an okay year for work for us but 2009 appears to be slowing down a bit.  So we'll just have to pray that all goes well.  I know there are some that have already felt the impact of what's about to come and my thoughts and prayers are with you.

I love blogging and will continue to blog in 2009.  There may be a few changes and I just might do a giveaway this year.  I have also met some really wonderful people through blogging, one who I actually got to meet in person.  That I think was one of the most exciting things to happen for me this past year.  The most exciting thing for me to happen was celebrating 30 years with my wonderful husband who I love very much. 

We are off later this afternoon to visit our daughter Carri and her family in Minnesota.  We should be getting there before the New Year rings in.   I've got my knitting bag packed and I'm ready for the car ride.  We won't be back until late Saturday.

I hope and pray that each and everyone of you has a safe and wonderful time welcoming in the New Year.

2008 a year in review

I thought that I would join Kelli and review 2008.  I took the first sentence of each post of the month, the photos might not reflect each sentence, so I chose a photo I loved.  I hope you enjoy my year in review.



I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful New Years Eve. 



I just thought if you haven't had enough snow yet you can look at our snow (lol).




In like a Lion and out like a Lamb

1st robin


A night for night Crawlers.

Stormy sky 


Tearing down history.



It's June 1st and the Rooster gets changed.



It's a Softball, Baseball and T-ball kind of night.



How do you rate as a 1930's Wife or Husband?



I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a wonderful Labor Day too.

Aubs and gray  


A wonderful Anniversary day it was.



Finished my first pair of socks.

First fire  


Finally getting some snow.



Cup of coffee 

There's nothing more tasty than a cup of coffee with a little bit of real cream added to it.  I've only started drinking coffee a few years ago and I don't drink it all the time.  The other morning I was in the mood for a cup with my breakfast.

I'm almost finished with my Christmas Knitting Calender project, but at the very, very end of it ...would you believe...I ran out of yarn....grrrrrr.  I couldn't believe I had maybe 20 rows left to do and now I have to run out to get a whole skein just to finish it.

The tree came down over the weekend and the decorations are put away until next year.  We are planning to leave on New Years Eve to Minnesota so I didn't want to come home and have to take everything down.  What does the new year hold for you?  I have small projects around the house that I want to get done.  I plan on making new kitchen curtains, so I'll have to head to the fabric shop to look at the books.  I have seen some cute curtains on blogs.  I know kind of what I want, I just need to find the pattern.  The kitchen also needs to be painted and that will have to wait until I'm done with jury duty, and one BIG project is to take down some OLD wallpaper that I have in my front entry way.  That project I don't look forward to at all.  Pamie mentioned on her blog about a wallpaper steamer, I'm going to have to check out.  She said it worked great.

I hope you all have a wonderful day today, mine is starting out by making a grocery list.  You know it's shopping time when there is no more laundry soap left in the bottle.

5 is the number

It's finally done.  I'm not sure why I had such a hard time with this little hat.  I first made the newborn size and thought that it would be way too small, so I ripped that out.  Then I decided to make a strawberry hat and I didn't like how the inside was going, so I was half done with that and ripped that out.  Then I started again and tried to be tricky with the yarn and ended up ripping that out.  So, I decided to make an apple hat but a few rows in I realized that was making the newborn size again so I ripped that out.  Let's see how many rips is that?...4 rips and the fifth time is the charm.

Apple hat 

This one is going to my daughter Carri in Minnesota who is expecting at the end of February and if she takes after her mother she'll probably have a "big" baby. 

i'm very honored

Zaroga over at Zaroga's Nook gave me this award.


"This blog invests and believes the PROXIMITY - nearness in space, time and relationships! These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.

Now I have to give this award to 8 bloggers and awards are given in no particular order.

1. Angie over at This is My "Real" Blog

2. Kathi over at Feathering My Nest

3. Gina over at Simply Heart and Home

4. Kar over at Kar's Down Home Bliss

5. Julie over at Farmer Julie

6. Pamie over at Pamie G's Backyard

7. Carolyn over at Willow House

8. Sharon over at Rose of Sharon


they were right

Last night when I went to bed it still wasn't snowing.  Jim reminded me of what Kiirsti had told him a couple of years ago, she must have been in Kindergarten or 1st grade and I was thinking that she's right.  Kiirsti said to Jim..."Grandpa you can never believe the Weather man, he always lies".  We have no idea where she got that from but we got a charge out of it.

 Snowy christmas greens

A few shots of my front porch. 

Front porch

  View outside  

This view is from my kitchen looking out the patio door.  Excuse the reflections in the glass.

Jake is on his way and should be here by 10:00 P.M. tonight.  Hopefully most of the bad weather will have blown through and will be clear sailing coming up Indiana.

What's on the agenda today?  I have some cleaning to do, gifts to wrap and maybe some knitting.  I went shopping yesterday and the store was quite busy...everyone getting ready for the storm.

Big load

Jim and Sadie scooping us out.  I best be going so I'll leave you with a few more snow pictures.

Snow covered greens 

Snowy outside 

it's thursday today

and Thursday's are my favorite day.  Things are starting to wind down.  I have a couple of gifts yet to buy but nothing major.  In a couple days the house is going to start hopping.  Jake and Reba (aka: Redbone Coonhound) are coming and staying until Christmas, then they are heading to Michigan to pick up Jennie from the Airport to spend the rest of the Christmas holiday there.  Jason and Kate might be coming for the weekend and Becky will be here on Monday.

I'm planning to make Prune Tarts today which Jim loves.  The kids don't care for them too much.  I find that some will take out the filling and eat only the crust when I'm not looking.  Last night for dinner I made a recipe I found over at Thimbleanna, called Carrot Puff.  I cut the sugar in half and it was still delicious.  I could probably put 1/4 the amount of sugar and it still would taste fine.  I think this was the same dish that my DIL had served at Thanksgiving.  I'll make this recipe again.

              Carrot puff

I'm still planning my menu for Christmas Eve.  I'm torn between a couple of dishes to have.

Lauren has finals all week and then it's Winter break but, we are predicted to have a huge snow storm tonight with 5-7 inches of snow mixed with sleet and when it's all done we're supposed to have a total of 9-12 inches.  But, who knows if they'll be right with their predictions.  Hopefully though Lauren will get those finals in and not have to make them up after the break.

I'm still plugging along on my Christmas Knitting Calender project.  There's no doubt about's a scarf.  I've been slowly knitting away at it and I'm not caught up with the current date yet.  But, that's okay it will be done this winter.  I'm still curious as to what the triangle hole is going to used for.


Since we have a BIG snow storm coming, I must be off to get my day going, there's much to be done.

You all have a wonderful day on this super Thursday.

oh, the weather outside is frightful

The fire is so delightful....and if you have no place to go...Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow.

Jim shoveling

Last night we got a few inches of snow.  I don't mind snow and we have gotten a couple of snowfalls so far this year.  I heard we are to get freezing rain and some snow on Thursday.  The freezing rain we could do without but the snow can come.  The boys stopped by after doing an emergency call and started shoveling the driveway.


Shoveling snow

Sadie loves the snow and will play in it all day as long as we are out there with her.  I'm guessing the lab in her is coming out.  Labs are water dogs and snow melted is water, so it's no wonder she loves to play in the snow.

Sadie in snow

home is where "my" heart is

Soap dish My gift from our Church Christmas party was this dish.  It came with 2 soaps and I'm already using one of the soaps.  I like to do gift exchanges but not the game they play.  Call me a stick in the mud gal but I don't care.  I figure if I picked out a gift to open I want to keep it...not have someone steal it from me.  This year, hehe...I stole a gift and every time someone tried to look at it I would just open the cover of the box just enough so that they could take a peak at it.  I fell in love with this dish and it looks great on my bathroom counter.  I also fell in love with the box it came in.  I'm not sure what I will do with the box but I thought it was cute.

Gift box

My dad is home resting from his Cataract surgery.  All went well with that.  He's not one to wait in any hospital, so as soon as he got in the room to recover, he's talking about going home.  Oh gee whiz dad, at least give yourself enough time to recover and let them take the I.V. out.

It's snowing now and it's 16° outside.  Winter is here to stay.  Our snow melted from the other day when it was so warm out.  I want it to snow and it wouldn't be winter if it didn't.

Boy, is my memory going and I'm not even 50 yet.  I heard Laurens bus this morning and realized that she wasn't down from upstairs.  I ran yelling her name through the house only to realize when I got to her room that this morning she was getting picked up for her driving instruction.  Did I feel dumb.  I then heard Erin up and it was 45 minutes before she gets up for work.  I am so losing it.

Sweet tooth mouse I thought I would share some more of my Annalee's with you.  This is Sweet Tooth Mouse and she comes out every Christmas along with a few others that I have.  Each Annalee's face is hand painted.  There is just something about these dolls that I love.  My mom has collected them over the years and I have also "inherited" her fondness for them.  Most of them I have received from my mom and a few I have bought myself.

This pair is another favorite of mine, Mr and Mrs Claus.  I have had these two for quite some time now.

Mr & mrs claus

Annalee dolls, you either love them or you don't.  I happen to love them, they somehow grow on you.

I'll try before Christmas to show you my snowman collection.

Tonight is a night to stay at home with a fire burning in the fireplace and a pie in the makings.  The plow has gone by a few times, so for sure I'm staying put.

i can't talk long

Too much going on today but I wanted to check in.Hot Pepper Apron 

We had our Church Christmas Party on Saturday night.  I wasn't sure if we were even going to go because we were picking our son from the airport.  Phil and Clare went on a delayed honeymoon.  I didn't even have a gift for the party, and since I already had this apron cut out I decided to whip it up to bring.

Today our Grandson Wyatt comes so I can babysit him and our son Jason is coming to get our computer up and running that has been sitting in a box on the floor in our kitchen for oh so long now.  He's been worried about getting it running way more then we have.  I don't mind fighting my way through the computer that we have now.  I've gotten used to it's quirks and problems.

We had rain yesterday with the temps in the high 40's and then the temps dropped.  This morning it was 4° outside.  It dropped 40° overnight.  I hope the roads aren't too bad for anyone who has to be out driving this morning.

You all have a great day today.