i'm very honored

5 is the number

It's finally done.  I'm not sure why I had such a hard time with this little hat.  I first made the newborn size and thought that it would be way too small, so I ripped that out.  Then I decided to make a strawberry hat and I didn't like how the inside was going, so I was half done with that and ripped that out.  Then I started again and tried to be tricky with the yarn and ended up ripping that out.  So, I decided to make an apple hat but a few rows in I realized that was making the newborn size again so I ripped that out.  Let's see how many rips is that?...4 rips and the fifth time is the charm.

Apple hat 

This one is going to my daughter Carri in Minnesota who is expecting at the end of February and if she takes after her mother she'll probably have a "big" baby.