i feel better
i forgot to mention

rip, rip, rip

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing seems to go right?  Well, it really wasn't my day it was my knitting.  I started making this yesterday.  I couldn't leave so I just dug in my stash of unwanted yarn and found this color.  I'm not really crazy about the color but I started making it anyway.  It's calls for doing the Herringbone Stitch.  Which I have never done before and I finally figured it out, thanks to YouTube.  Well, I ripped out at least 4 tries of this pattern.  If you miss one yarn over, it's over and your herringbone pattern looks bad.  So, I think I'll look for some yarn that I really like and attempt to try this again.  It's easy to do but I really need to concentrate when doing this pattern.  But, I will get it done.  If I still am having trouble I think I'll check out Ravelry for another pattern.  There are lots to look through.


I was checking some of the blogs that I visit and came upon Anna's Blog.  I got the biggest chuckle over this post and tomorrow is the day that I'm heading down for this.   I can't wait.  Also this week has been Grandparents week for our newest Kindergartner.  So, Jim and I are off later to have lunch with him.  I hope I can bring my camera with me to take some pictures.

So, I'm off and running again.

You all have a wonderful day.

P.S.....I did call my hairdresser yesterday and I let her know how upset I was and we had a long talk.  She apologized for what she had done.  She said she has to learn how to say NO to people.  I would say so, but all is well and I'll go back for my next appointment in January with a good feeling.  Thanks for all your support in this.  You did give me courage to call and talk to her.  So, Thanks.