i feel better

let me vent

Okay, I am going to vent here.  I got a call late last night from the lady who cuts my hair.  But, since we got home so late I couldn't call her back until this morning.  She wanted to know if I could push my hair appointment back to 12:00 p.m..  I couldn't do it because I had a lunch date already set.  So she asks me when I said I couldn't do it would I like to re-schedule?  Huh??????????  But, I thought I had this appointment for what 7 weeks and you want to SQUEEZE someone in?....and since I can't do it you want ME to re-schedule???????  Something is totally wrong with this picture.  Okay, so I tell her no I won't re-schedule but I would get back with her.  After I hung up the phone about 4 minutes later the phone rings again and it's her for me to still come in at 10:30.  I had a bit of a funny feeling about this but I went anyway.

I get there for my appointment right on time and she has 2 people in the room.  One is just leaving and one has her hair in a towel.  Red flag!  One lady leaves and the other is still there.  I'm asked if I can spare 5-10 minutes, that would it be okay if she did and eyebrow job on the lady with the towel still on her head.  Another Red flag, I should have known better, but no, Mrs Nice Lady says "fine".  TWENTY minutes later the lady is still there but only now she's checking out and "thanked" me for letting her squeeze in and the only thing she wasn't able to get done was get a hair cut.

The problem being I was rushed through a hair cut because she knew I had to be somewhere and to top it off I was LATE for my lunch date with my friend.  She called me as I was on my way thinking I wasn't coming.

I'm not sure that I even want to go back, even tho I've been going to her for a long time.  I also want to call her up and tell her because of squeezing that other lady in I wasn't happy with the service I got.  I'm not really sure if it would help any other than make me feel good, and the hair cut I'm so so with how it turned out.

Thanks for letting me vent some.