let me vent
rip, rip, rip

i feel better

Well I'm glad I got that off my chest yesterday about my hair dresser.  Now, on to other things.  Last weekend we got a load of wood.  We plan to get another load this Saturday from these guys.  I'm so happy that now we don't have to worry about using up the wood because we want it to last all winter.  Last year we got a load from a place that was a bit spendy.  So we used it pretty sparingly.


It didn't take Jim and Dan long to stack the wood up in the garage.  Our next load will be stacked outside but we like to bring in a load so that it's not wet when we go to make a fire in the wood stove.  It's not the best wood, but hey, the price was right.

Wood pile 

Yesterday was a busy day and today I can't go anywhere until the glass guy comes to replace my windshield.  I picked up a rock following a truck on our way to Minnesota in October.  I know we're just  "Johnny on the Spot" getting things done.  I plan to make another "pregnancy" pillow today.  My sister wanted me to make one for a lady at her work who's having a baby.

Last night was Yarn Club and a lot of fun.  I found another project I want to make, but this one is for me.  One of the ladies was making one similar for herself and when I got home I looked for a pattern that I liked.  So, I've another project added to my long list of things to make.  Oh my, knitting is so much fun.

Jim and Josh are gone for the day taking a class and I have the house to myself and since I can't go anywhere I plan to do a bit of sewing and KNITTING.

Oh hey, I got my dishwasher replaced and I don't think a person could be as happy as I am right now.  No more washing dishes 3x a day by hand anymore for me.  I can't stand dishes piled up on the counter or in the sink so I wash them as they pile up and it could be many times a day.  It doesn't take much to make me happy.

You all have a wonderful day.