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pink paper bag hat

Except mine isn't all pink, it's pink and brown.  This one is for granddaughter Hannah.

Paper bag hat front

 Paper bag hat bow 

Well, everyone is starting to get sick in this house.  Two out of the six of us have gotten it so far.  Becky unfortunately drives back home today so hopefully she won't get sick on the way.  I'll have to send a bucket with her just in case.  Lauren needed my hot water bottle yesterday and I couldn't find it any where.  So, I had to go out to get a new one.  Now it will show up that I did that.

You all have a wonderful Sunday.

file of pain

Since Erin is moving after the New Year rolls in, my dad has been bringing boxes over to pack her belongings in.  He gets them from who know where, the Salvation Army probably....anyway.  This box is really a sad one and not because of the shape it is in.


Take a closer look in the next picture.

  File of pain

How sad to think that this is how someone describes a bunch of papers....their life.  At first I got a bit of a chuckle but then I thought about the person who wrote this.  They had to be in a lot of pain after their marriage ended.  I wonder where those papers are and I wonder how the person who wrote "file of pain" on this box is doing.

Life can be difficult and painful at times. 

sitting pretty


This morning Jim and I went out for breakfast and on the way home driving through our neighborhood I spied this hawk sitting up in the tree, and darn if I didn't have my camera with me.  But, I went back to take a picture hoping that it would still be there...and it was.  At first I thought that it might be the owl that has been around our neighborhood for years and heard hooting all night long, but it wasn't.  This guy is probably one of the ones that was trying to get our Sadie last winter.  There is something majestic about these birds.  I was just telling Jim this morning that I haven't been taking any pictures lately and I almost missed this one.

how to have a "great thanks"


Our granddaughter who is 8 years old wrote this list of great tips on how to have a "great thanks" yesterday.  This one I'm going to save.  I hope you can read it.

I trust everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are recovering from all the food that was consumed?  I know I am.  I still want more pumpkin pie tho.

It's Black Friday today and I don't really plan to go out to find those bargains.  Though Erin and Dan went early this morning and I'm not sure why I'm up at 5:30 a.m. writing this post.  I guess I couldn't sleep anymore.  This holiday came and went too fast.  Dan just came back from shopping empty handed.  He said the store he went to was packed, people looking for electronics.  If you want toys that was no problem but anyone looking for TV's, Stereos etc. the place was mobbed.  Not my kind of shopping at least not 5:00 in the morning.  Call me a stick in the mud I guess.

Time to take the fall decorations down from outside and go get my winter greens from my favorite store.  Maybe even put the Christmas tree up this weekend but that depends on how much energy I'm having.  Jim and I ran yesterday.  I seem to really be making strides, small as they are.  Each time I go out I can run just a bit farther down the road.  Maybe, just maybe I'll be able to run the half yet.  I really don't like running all that much tho, but I feel great after.  Maybe not right after but the next day I feel great.  Elaine told me yesterday there's a lady at her work who LOVES to run.  She said it took about a year to love it.  I can't imagine my self waking up in the morning so excited that I get to run.  But hey, who knows anything can happen right?

You all have a wonderful day today.

what i'm thankful for

Christmas cactus 

My Christmas Cactus is starting to really bloom now.  I'm excited because this the the second year in a row that it has bloomed at Christmas time. 

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and that's so hard to believe.  It came up too fast.  I thought I would join in and list what I'm thankful for.  If I were to list them I would have to put down the ones that came to my mind first.



3.Friends~real life and blogging ones


These 4 are the most important ones that I"m thankful for.  I hope everyone is ready for Thanksgiving.  Becky is the only one coming home and I have to get the room ready for that.  This week has been really a busy one so far.  Today doesn't appear to be....yet.  You just never know what may crop up unexpectedly.

You all have a wonderful day today.

busy as a beaver

That's what I've been.  Yesterday I had full day.  I worked in the office, went grocery shopping, returned some shoes that I bought and looked for a new bread machine.  Then I came home made split pea soup and made one batch of rolls which came out of the oven just in time for me to take Lauren to the Doctors for a sports physical.  Do you know that you can't find a bread machine anywhere?  I went to two stores, called 3 stores and finally found one.  I usually get mine at the Salvation Army.  But, the last time I went to look for another one was about a month ago and I didn't see any.  If you hit it right you can really get a good one.  I found the one I have for $8.00 about a year ago, but I need another one.  Well, I don't really need one.  I want another one.  I make so many rolls at a time it helps to have 2 machines.  (Don't even ask how many crock pots I have)  I usually use my sisters bread machine but I thought I would just get another one for myself instead of wearing hers out.


The dough ready to be formed into rolls. 


I love our wood stove.  It has drying racks on the sides for drying those wet mittens and hats.  We used them all the time when the kids were small and even when they were big too.  Yesterday we had a fire going and I just pulled the racks out and put my rolls to rise on those.  Nice warm spot.  


Just as I was taking the last batch out of the oven I could hear Lauren upstairs yell, "That smells good".  So of course everyone had to have a taste.  What it is about fresh bread just out of the oven?


I thought I would share some cool links I found for you knitters out there.

*This one is over at The Purl Bee.  A pair of baby moccasins to knit.

*This one is a really neat link.  You knit everyday in the month of December, starting on December 1st and by Christmas Eve you will have something to wear.

Yesterday was quite a busy day for me, and today I have to take my dad to get a Cataract fixed in one of his eyes.  So, dinner is going in the Crock Pot and I have 2 batches of rolls in the bread machines already.  Today appears to be hopping already.

You all have an awesome Tuesday.