a whopping 31° this morning
it's a twofer today


I finally did some sewing yesterday.  In the past I have made "pregnancy pillows" for family members who were expecting.  Now I needed to make one for my daughter Carri who is due the end of February.  What you say is a "preganancy pillow"?  I used to have one when I was having babies.  Mine was different from the one I make, but it still works the same.  When those last couple of months of pregnancy get pretty uncomfortable to sleep, this pillow should be a bit of a help.

Pregnancy pillow 

Daughter #4 was so kind enough to model it for me, when she came home from work.  At first she thought I was nuts.  But, when she realized that I was very serious, she gave in and let me take her picture how this pillow is used.  Erin didn't quite know how to use this pillow, she was more willing to be a "ham" for the camera.  But, I think you can get the concept of this pillow.

Thank you Erin!

Posing for me

Up at camp we took a walk down the road and on our walk we saw the biggest mushroom you can imagine.  I wish I had put something next to it to show the size.  It almost looks fake, but it's not.

Jumbo mushroom 

Again this morning it was 34° and frost.  I'm really thinking that I need to be getting my winter items together.  But, it's the perfect weather to sew or knit.  I love it.