felted bag
from the past

i've got a bug

The knitting bug that is, as if you haven't noticed.  I've been really working the needles lately.  I have this book, Mostly Mittens by Charlene Schurch.  Only I couldn't find it.

Mostly mittens So I looked on Amazon for it.  I did find it there only the cheapest one I could find was $63.06.  Yikes!  I was not going to pay that price for a book I already have, and I bought mine years ago for only around $12.00.  I can't even remember where either. 

I love this book and I did start to make a pair of mittens. Jim got me some yarn for Christmas one year.  I guess I was too timid to keep going.  But, not any more.  Aside from socks this is next on my list of things to make.

Okay, back to my book.  So yesterday I looked high and low for my book.  I knew I had put it somewhere.  When I had decided to move my sewing room upstairs, I packed a lot of my books and magazines away.

But, I found it after searching for a bit.  This is the coolest book and like cookbooks I love looking at it.  You can tell by the tape on the left side of the book that it's been read.  It wasn't like that when I got it.  I couldn't believe the price for this book now.  I think I'll hang on to this one.  I think it's a keeper.