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Happy Halloween


I wasn't feeling very well yesterday.  I pulled a muscle in my side, then I developed a hard stomach ache while I was out running some errands, looking for Halloween Costumes for our Church Halloween party on Saturday night.  I can't wait to put our costumes together.  The theme is, dress how you did in the 80's or your High School days.  This is going to be so fun.

I ended up not finishing up my errands as I wasn't feeling well, so I came home and just laid down and knitted.  Yes, I can knit lying down.  That's the fun thing about knitting or crocheting you can really do it anywhere.  I am almost done with my second sock.  I am on the foot part.  Sometimes it's nice to be sick :).

Have I ever told you how wonderful my husband is?  Well, I call him Mr Wonderful and here's why.  I was starting dinner when Jim came down for a break and since I wasn't feeling well Jim offered to help me make dinner.  Instead of going back up to the office to work he stayed down and finished up dinner for me.  I have always told my boys to make sure they help their wives when they get married.  They had a good role model.

Some of you must wonder where Jim works, that he can come down and take a break from working.  We have our own small business and our son Joshua works for us.  I now do the book work for the business.  When we added a garage to our house about 9-10 years ago, Jim added an office above it.  It's nice not to travel too far for work (lol).

Waiting by the clothesline 

For some odd reason, Sadie always sits by the clothesline when ever Jim's flannel shirts are hanging on the line.  She'll wait there for as long as the shirts are hanging.

Again, Happy Halloween!

it's a twofer today

I made some muffins for Yarn Club and they are totally awesome.

Pumpkin carrot muffins

                     Muffin recipe 

Notice that on my right side bar National Tie One On Day is coming up next month in November.  I did this last year and plan to do it again this year.  I love the Apron Memories Blog.  If you love aprons and haven't checked it out yet, your in for a treat. 


I finally did some sewing yesterday.  In the past I have made "pregnancy pillows" for family members who were expecting.  Now I needed to make one for my daughter Carri who is due the end of February.  What you say is a "preganancy pillow"?  I used to have one when I was having babies.  Mine was different from the one I make, but it still works the same.  When those last couple of months of pregnancy get pretty uncomfortable to sleep, this pillow should be a bit of a help.

Pregnancy pillow 

Daughter #4 was so kind enough to model it for me, when she came home from work.  At first she thought I was nuts.  But, when she realized that I was very serious, she gave in and let me take her picture how this pillow is used.  Erin didn't quite know how to use this pillow, she was more willing to be a "ham" for the camera.  But, I think you can get the concept of this pillow.

Thank you Erin!

Posing for me

Up at camp we took a walk down the road and on our walk we saw the biggest mushroom you can imagine.  I wish I had put something next to it to show the size.  It almost looks fake, but it's not.

Jumbo mushroom 

Again this morning it was 34° and frost.  I'm really thinking that I need to be getting my winter items together.  But, it's the perfect weather to sew or knit.  I love it. 

a whopping 31° this morning

There's nothing like a warm fire to take the chill out of the air, or roasting a hot dog over the fire.  Yum, Yum!  This morning our temp read 31°.  I think it's time to fire up the wood stove.

Roasting hot dogs

Last night I had some ladies over for Yarn Club.  It was a lot of fun.  Some experienced Knitters and Crocheters came and some just learning.  I can't wait for the next one.  I worked on my second sock and hope to wear them to the next meeting of our Yarn Club.  We shared patterns and helped each other a bit.  The talk was about yarn and patterns and what each one was working one.  Loads of fun.

Second sock 

I have cut out patterns and anything that pertained to knitting or crocheting for years.  Last night I showed the ladies a pattern I cut out from a Woman's Day Magazine dated 9/12/00, that someday I plan to make.  It was funny, my Aunt Betty had cut out that same pattern too.


Changing the subject.  I have realized lately that I'm spending way too much money on my food bill.  I guess it just kind of creeps up on you.  At least it did to me.  I'm reading how others are cutting back and clipping coupons, I thought I don't need to do that.   Yeah, right!  I stopped to think just what I was buying and how much we actually ate the things I bought and how much got thrown away.  Yikes!!!!!!!!    I sat down and made my menu plan up and grocery list.  I checked my cupboards to see what I had and didn't have.  Then I had to decide where to shop.  So I went back to the grocery store that we used to shop at when the kids were all home.  I cut my grocery bill in half.  No, more than half.  Granted, I couldn't get everything there so I had to go to another store for a few things.  But, the total bill together from both stores was awesome.  The fun thing was, that Aldi had so much more to offer now from when we used to go there. 

I can't wait to go shopping again to see what my food bill will be next time.

let's take a hike

Out to the Point.


Cleared path

A path is cleared out for an easy hike.

Looking over the edge

Taking a look over the edge.  We realized that it was quite dangerous to let Sadie get too close to the edge.  We were afraid that she would slip over. 

Cliff hanger 

Here's why.  This is what it was like where Jim was looking.  I didn't want to get too close myself. 

Having a rest

Here we are at the point.  We both had to hold on tight to Sadie.  She was wanting to go in the water in the worst way, but there was no way she could the drop was too high.  

Holding on tight

Drop off

Here's another look over the edge of the point.  I took this picture but I was pretty nervous.

Have to go under  

Walking further on the path and away from the waters edge, we were able to take the leash off her. 

Over the edge  

Jim loves to live on the edge (lol).  No, really he had to kinda, sorta hang over to take this picture.  

Taking a look

Sadie is just itching to get into the lake.

A fungus

Something interesting we found on the way.  Saw quite a bit of this green mossy stuff.  Not really sure what it is.   

I'm going in 

The hike is almost over and Sadie finally gets to go in the water.

when we weren't hiking

I was knitting.  I managed to finish one sock,

Sock 1

and wristlets for myself.


There is nothing like sitting by a fire and knitting away on a cold day.  One day in town the locals were talking that it had gotten down in the 20's during the night...brrrrrrrrrr.  We stayed nice and toasty warm the whole week.

I took this shot of the small local fishing village.  That's what I call it.  It just has such a quaint appeal that I love.  Anyway, one morning on my way to town to get a few groceries, I stopped to take this picture.  Everything was just right for a great photo.  Driving by the rest of the week it never looked like this again.  I guess if you miss that one chance to take a great picture, you just may not get another one.

Fishing village

i didn't want it to end

First off, I want to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes.  I was so busy over the weekend, that on our way up to the Camp I realized that I neglected to do that.  So, Thank You!

My in-laws have a camp up on the shores of Lake Superior.  We haven't been for a few years but decided to go for our Anniversary.  The house was still standing when we got home tonight and my sister said the kids behaved really well.

Boy oh boy, where do I begin.  Sadie is the best traveler you can ever imagine.  I never would have thought that, being she's only 10 months old.  She loved the lake and sand, just like a kid.  I did a lot of knitting up there and managed to finish a couple of things.  We did some hiking to a couple of spots that we haven't been before.  Jim managed to get in some fishing.  We did just a bit of visiting, but mostly we relaxed.  I can't remember when we've had such a relaxing time.  It was something the both of us needed.  Even though Jim put in some working hours in the mornings, the rest of the day was free.

One highlight that occurred, is something that we don't see here at all.  On Friday, after Jim got back from fishing, I went to pick him up from a couple of camps down the road.  Decker, who Jim went fishing with was cleaning the fish and offered the guts of the fish to us.  You're probably wondering what in the world would one do with fish guts, eh?  Well, if you put the fish guts down by the waters edge you will get Seagulls to come, that in turn will lure the Eagles to come.  I brought out my camera and sat in wait for the Eagles.  The Seagulls definitely came and then came a couple of Eagles.  I probably shot a minimum of 100 pictures.  I just kept shooting.  Jim and I were in awe of the scene that came about not only once but 3 times.  I think I sat there for about 2 hours watching the Seagulls and Eagles.


Seagulls are something we see all the time.  But, Eagles now are a different story.

The next 6 photos are actually in sequence to the amazing (at least to me) event to see. 


Eagle 2  

Eagle 3  

Eagle 4 

Eagle 5  

Eagle 6

It's really funny watching this whole event.  The seagulls would head out away from shore over the lake when the Eagle would came back to try to get the fish guts.  They would go so far and then loop back toward shore.  One Seagull would always be trying to chase the Eagle away.

Here are a couple of shots that I thought were pretty cool.  This was when I was just clicking away as the Eagle was flying overhead.  They are also in sequence.

Eagle and flag

This one gave me goose bumps when I first saw it.  

Eagle and pine tree  

I'm thinking I got lucky in this one.  That I was able to focus on the Eagle and not the pine tree. 

Lots more pictures to come.  I took over 1000 pictures.  Of course I won't be posting them all.  Just the best ones and the highlights from the trip.

I hope you enjoyed my Eagle shots.  

a little r&r

I won't be posting for a while.  We are off in the morning for some R & R, up to the beautiful shores of Lake Superior for a few days.  A trip that was planned to happen around our Anniversary but didn't quite happen until now.  So, with kids settled, and the bags and dog packed, off we'll go. 


It was a busy weekend for us, with wonderful company and lots of visiting.

You all have a wonderful week. 

a long lost project

Going through my things the other day looking for the book I misplaced.  I found this half done dishcloth.  Since I'm in need of some new ones badly I finished it off.  There's nothing like having a new dishcloth to use.  I have made crocheted dishcloths but I think I prefer the knitted ones more.

Knitted dishcloth


Another busy weekend here.  Hope yours is a good one.