I've done a bit of changing...again
Some Chit~Chat from the weekend

The distressed look

I re-did our downstairs bathroom.  I'm not totally finished with it yet, so no pictures yet.  I have to either get a new vanity or redo the old one.  I might try to redo the old one into something like I did with this shelf.  Sorry, I didn't take a before picture of what the shelf looked like before I started, the bare wood.


I found this kit at Michaels.

Base coat 

I started out with the base coat. 

Shelf 2  

After it dried, I sanded it all down in preparation for the top coat.

Top coat  

After painting the top coat on I had to wipe it off right away, and not let it dry.

Shelf 3  

This was how it looked as I was still wiping the top coat off.

Shelf 1  

Now, I'm always too critical of what I make.  But, I think it turned out pretty nice.  I even found a few things at the re-sale shop to put on my shelf.  I'll only show you one item as the other item is sitting on a cabinet that I found.  That's for another post.

Rose cup

This cup I have been eying up.  After doing the self I thought of this rose cup to put on the self.  Whew, it was still there when I went to go back to get it.  


There she is.  I'm not sure yet what to put in the vase.  I thought it would look good up there too.  I have no window in this bathroom, so my pictures won't come out the greatest.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday.