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Visiting an Old Courthouse

On our way to the U.P.  We stopped and went into this Courthouse.


The statue on top of the building.


Walking into the Courtroom you see many beautiful things.  This mural on the ceiling being one of them.


The Judges bench was very beautiful.

Judge bench Judge

The Jury's out.  Seeing the jury chairs, it made you think that the jurors just left to deliberate.

Jurys out

The benches in the courtroom where the people watch a trial going on are very much like Church pews.

The audience

When you walk into this old building you really can feel the history.  The woodwork in this building is so beautiful.  You really feel like you are back in time.

The only thing we had to do was turn off the lights when we left the courtroom.  Otherwise we could look to our hearts content.  Talk about small town living.