I didn't mean to do it
I love taking my camera with me on walks

Some more for my collection

I ran out yesterday morning to the flag shop for some seasonal flags to hang in my yard but unfortunately they were closed.  So I went over to the Thrift Store.  I found a few things there :)

I just can't pass up any little pitchers or creamers that I see.

Christmas pitcher

I wish this one had it's mate to it, but I bought it anyway.  Sorry for the glare. 

Christmas pitcher bottom

This is the bottom of the creamer.

White pitcher

I fell in love with this one.  It also says 1-cup on the bottom.  I thought that was interesting.

White pitcher bottom 


I thought this was kind of cute.  I'll put this away until next Easter.

God bless america

This I hung up on my front porch.  I just may put a piece of chalk in the holder for that extra look.

Remember in a previous post I mentioned that we were thinking about getting a mini-van?  Well we did and the boys are wondering "WHY"?  The girls are excited.  Jim was okay with it, but I pointed out that "I would be driving it".  I on the other hand LOVE it.  I never thought I would.  There is so much room and being only 5'1" tall.  I can SEE when I go to change lanes.  I forgot what that was like.  It fits all my groceries no problem.  Plus Sadie can finally get in and out of the car without us having to lift her every time.  She's a big chicken when it comes to heights I think....and Lauren can still bring friends and fit.

Last night Jim and I ventured to PetsMart with Sadie.  I haven't been back with her since that dreadful night of puppy class.  She was good.  She got excited a couple of times when she saw someone but for the most part she was good.  Who ever heard of taking a dog shopping?  That is the craziest thing I've ever heard but we did it. :) LoL.  We got too excited when she jumped in the car for the very 1st time.  It was like when one of our kids took their 1st step.  Yes I admit it, we are turning into the type of dog owner where their pet is their baby.  We have officially arrived to that point.

We are heading for a walk this morning but I'll leave you with this question.

Does the summer feel like it's going way too fast?  It does for me.  Pretty soon we'll be starting our Christmas shopping.

You all have a great day today.