Before we leave to North Carolina
Did you ever wonder why they're called The Smoky Mountains?

Six days on the Road

I am a bit tired right now but I just wanted to post one of the HIGHLIGHTS from our trip and there are a few.

The aubreys

This is Angie and her family.  I was soooooooo excited to actually finally get to meet her.  We met for lunch at Cracker Barrel and when we were walking up to the door Jim asked me if I will know her.  Ha, of course I would. I recognized her right away.  We had a super nice visit and I hope if we get down to her area again we can visit some more.

Angie, Jim and I owe you and Mark a lunch/dinner.

I am off to get things washed and put away, and after dinner of PIZZA {I'm too tired to cook}.  I am going to bed early tonight.