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I'm okay

I got a call from my daughter today and even though I saw her yesterday she read my blog today and called to see if I was okay.  I guess my last post might have been a bit unsettling for some of you.  Not knowing what is going on.  Well, I will try to explain even though I'm not a doctor I do know my own body and having had eleven children I think I'm pretty in tune when something is wrong.

I have mentioned in a past post about how perimenopause stinks.  Well I'm not exactly sure that is what I'm going through but having 7 of the many symptoms, I'm pretty sure my guess might be right.  Six of those symptoms I can deal with, the 7th one I can't. 

Have you ever been on a roller coaster ride and feel like you might never get off?  That is how I feel when I get that 7th symptom, and that is about once a month.  It doesn't last long, but long enough to drive Jim just a bit crazy trying to figure his "mad" "crazy" wife out.  He's been trying to help but I don't think this is something even he can fix.  It's far beyond his control.

The more I read about Menopause the more I'm finding that it's a word many people don't like to talk about.  But I'm going to because it's real.  At my Chiropractic appointment today I asked my doctor about Menopause and does he treat it?  He does.  I was so happy, but first we are going to determine if that is exactly what I'm dealing with or if it's something else that could be causing these 7 symptoms.  One possibility could be my Thyroid.  So I had a hair analysis done and in 2 weeks I will get the results.  If that doesn't show anything than I'll have blood work done.

So right now I am going to take a bit of time off until after we get back from seeing Jake and Jennie.  I think I need to figure out what is going on and deal with it.  Being on this roller coaster ride is something I need to get off of.  I know some might not agree with my choosing a Chiropractor vs an M.D. doctor.  I don't want to go the route of medication if I don't have to.  So a Chiropractor is my first option, and....if that doesn't help then I'll go to my M.D.

So, I hope this will put your minds at ease.  I know it's not an easy subject to talk about, and I don't ever remember my mom or anyone her age talking about it.  So it's a scary thing for me, the not knowing.   But knowing that you had a conversation with someone and later not ever remembering that conversation is pretty scary. 

I will be posting again.  I just need a break right now and I think going to see our son after how many months will probably be the best "medicine" I could ever have.

You all have a wonderful week, and Thank you all for the kind words and concern you have expressed.  You can't begin to know what they mean to me.

Take Care,