A rare shot of me
She can swim

I'm not always excited about Mondays

but today I am and I'm not sure why. 

I have a refrigerator to clean out. 

I have to go grocery shopping. 

I have laundry to do. 

I have a floor to clean. 

The list goes on.

The girls got back from Maine the same day we got back home from the U.P.  I would love to visit Maine.  They had some really beautiful pictures and they visited 1 or 2 lighthouses.  I'm jealous.

On our short trip I did manage to pick up something at a store that sells mostly craft items.  Jim will stop for me but doesn't like to go in there.  Every inch of the place is filled with something.  I think he gets dizzy just looking around.  It can be somewhat overwhelming to a person.  But I still like to stop and I always manage to find something.

I love lighthouses and when I spied this welcome sign on the porch of Winks Woods of course I had to get it to put on my front porch.

Lighthouse welcome sign

The girls got Jim and I each something.  When I opened the bags the gifts were in I chuckled.  I had to show them what I bought.  I guess my girls know me too well.

Maine gifts

A lighthouse ornament and salt and pepper shakers.  I have a small collection of salt & pepper shakers and have a couple of lighthouse related ornaments for my Christmas tree.  I was too pumped.

Becky left back to Minnesota yesterday and I always love to get that call that they made it safely.  A parent never stops worrying.


Well I'm off to start my day.  The list will I'm sure keep growing.

You all have a wonderful Monday.