ABC Wednesday~Yellow
I didn't mean to do it

Can you find him?

On the tail end of our walk yesterday Jim spied something.  Look at the picture and see if you can pick it out.  Click on the picture to enlarge it if you can't see it then click again to enlarge it even bigger.

Can you see it 

It's a tiny little frog.  I'm not even sure how Jim spied it.  Maybe because it was hopping around so much.  I should have put on my macro lens but by this time I was too tired from our walk.  We had a very good workout.  So far since Sunday Jim and I have walked everyday.  It feels good but I also can feel it.  Muscles I forgot I had are sore, and I'm really trying to watch what I eat.  I've not been very good lately and hopefully I'm back on track.  I do SparkPeople and I love it.  I just wish that I had kept it up from a couple of winters ago when I started it.  I thought of doing Weight Watchers but SparkPeople is FREE.

I'm not sure when winter comes what we'll do for walking.  We have never walked in the winter.  Maybe this winter is the winter to start.

I wish you all a wonderful day today.