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Back for a short visit

Lately that's what it feels like when I come back from a weekend away.  It's like I'm only home for a short visit and then we're off again. 

We had a wonderful weekend.  The Confirmation was wonderful.  I think there were 61 kids in the class.  Lauren had a super time and didn't want it to end.

Confo class

We went to two weddings on Saturday and visited with Jim's Uncle and Aunt in the morning at their Casita.

Jim and pete

It's always heartwarming to visit with elders. (I didn't really know how to put that without making them sound "old", cause to me they're not "old")  Whenever we are up in the U.P. we always try to make a visit.

At their Casita they garden and just enjoy their beautiful surroundings.  This is where they do most of their visiting in the summer.


At the Casita Pete and Ellen have a pet Chipmunk.  It comes right up into your lap to fill it's cheeks with seeds to take back to his hiding place.


It has been very busy today since we got home.  It's not like me to post so late but things have been happening all day.

You all have a wonderful evening.