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The Boat Shop

During our stay in the quaint little town of Bayfield Wisconsin, we were told about this boat shop from the gentleman who ran the local used book store.  So of course we had to check it out.

The sign  

It was closed when we stopped by but Jim spied some wood working tools in the window of the shop.  He was so wishing that the shop was open so he could talk to the owner and check out all the tools.

Peeking in

The owner of the shop is in the process of refinishing a boat.

Material list Boat Half done Stacked wood

Jim loves seeing things like this.  He has also made a strip canoe himself.  So to see a big boat like this being worked on is very fascinating not only to him but also to me.  Anyone who does hand work of any kind can appreciate the time and effort that is going into a project like this.


This is the canoe that Jim built in 2003.  Someone found out about his canoe and wanted to buy it from him.  He has a camp somewhere in Wisconsin and he wanted to put it in his camp for display.  Jim said no.  After all the work he put into making this canoe he wasn't about to sell it....yet.