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I see something

Tonight Jim and I went visiting some friends and on our way out the door we were checking out the porch they are adding on to the front of their house.  At first I thought I was seeing a pinecone under the window but with a closer look I realized that it was a bird.  A baby Robin in fact.  We could hear the mama Robin chirping frantically up in the tree.  I don't think I have ever been this close to a baby Robin before.

baby robin

Our dishwasher is broken

but I sure don't mind.  I went out and bought a drain rack and I'm all set to wash dishes by hand.  We do plan to get a new one but I'm not in any hurry for one.  When I wash dishes I can look out the window and I do my best thinking there.


Does anyone know about Roses?  I have this rose bush but in fact it's really not the one that was originally there.  This Rose bush is on the other side of the window and it appears to have sprouted or cross pollinated to my Yellow Rose bush and my Yellow Rose is no longer there.  Here is a link to a Rose that is similar to what used to be there.  I can't figure it out.


I haven't posted about Sadie in awhile.  Sadie is getting bigger.  She's 6 months old now and loves to lay by everyones feet when they are doing something.  This was the other day when I was doing dishes.  She's doing very well we are starting to keep her out of the crate when we leave for a short time.  So far no accidents.  I have kept up pretty good with dealing with the shedding.  I do have the FURminator and I love it.  I recommend it highly if your dog sheds.

sadie girl

I'm off to get my day going.

I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday today.


The Boat Shop

During our stay in the quaint little town of Bayfield Wisconsin, we were told about this boat shop from the gentleman who ran the local used book store.  So of course we had to check it out.

The sign  

It was closed when we stopped by but Jim spied some wood working tools in the window of the shop.  He was so wishing that the shop was open so he could talk to the owner and check out all the tools.

Peeking in

The owner of the shop is in the process of refinishing a boat.

Material list Boat Half done Stacked wood

Jim loves seeing things like this.  He has also made a strip canoe himself.  So to see a big boat like this being worked on is very fascinating not only to him but also to me.  Anyone who does hand work of any kind can appreciate the time and effort that is going into a project like this.


This is the canoe that Jim built in 2003.  Someone found out about his canoe and wanted to buy it from him.  He has a camp somewhere in Wisconsin and he wanted to put it in his camp for display.  Jim said no.  After all the work he put into making this canoe he wasn't about to sell it....yet.

A Bubble Gum Bubble

Baseball players chew gum and Granddaughter KC is no different.  Here she is showing Grandpa and Grandma how she can blow a bubble.

Blowing bubbles

The first one popped too fast before I could get a picture.

Blowing bubbles 2

The second one popped again too fast.

Blowing bubbles 3

KC trying to get the third bubble going.

Blowing bubbles 4 

As the bubble was getting bigger I asked her to hold the bubble so I could get a picture....




Blowing bubbles 5

Home again

It feels good to be home even though we had a wonderful time away.  I didn't end up taking too many pictures.  Once we got up for St Johns I didn't even take the camera out of my camera bag.  Oh well.

We had a wonderful but quick visit in Minnesota.  We stayed one night in Bayfield and plan to go back for a longer visit.

Rag motors

(a view from our condo balcony)

Along our way to the U.P. we spied this mural wall.  The pictures just don't do it justice.  Each face is different and there are names in each of the stars who served our country in the various wars.  I was amazed by this wall.  The artist did a wonderful job.

Heros Two faces The boot The names

We had such a busy time with Church services at St John's or what my mother would sometimes call it Midsummer Services.  There were many many people there.  I'm glad the gas prices didn't stop everyone from going.  I always enjoy St John's services and each year as I get older I come to cherish them even more.

I also got a chance to meet some blogging lurkers :) and fellow bloggers :) 

We put our puppy in a kennel for the week and this morning we are off to get her.  This is how much Sadie is loved here.  I didn't cry when we dropped her off.  I only cried about an hour after we left which is about the time I cry when we leave a loved one. But.....when we walked in the door last night the first thing all 3 kids who live in this house asked us was "Where's Sadie?".  No "Hi how was the trip" just "Where's Sadie?" (LOL) Jim and I didn't mind in fact we are actually so happy to know that Sadie really is a member of our family.

Well I'm off the get back into my routine after being gone a week.

Believe it or not this is the third attempt to post this morning.  I lost the first 2:(    GRrrrrrrrrrrrrr

A quick note

I have put in the comments area, the code you have to type and blog approval.  This will only stay on while I'm gone.  I want to avoid any comments that are not nice that I can't monitor.  I haven't had any problems but I have seen some very bad comments and the owner wasn't aware of them.

You all have a wonderful week and I may be checking in with you all and posting some if I have time


Ramdom photos from Fathers Day

My boys So big Playing ball Hitting the ball 

Hiding Pumping hard Swinging Don't get me Someone push me Content

We are leaving today for Minnesota to spend a few days with our daughter Carri, son-in-law Bill and the Grandkids.  Then it's off to somewhere up by the Apostle Islands maybe for a night.  We are not really sure of our plans yet.  Then it's off to St John's until Tuesday.  Then back home by Wednesday.  I don't think I'll be posting any, but you just never know.

I hope you all have a great week.

ABC Wednesday~Virginia Beach

It's ABC Wednesday again over at Mrs Nesbitt's Place.


This weeks letter is the letter V.

Our trip to Virginia Beach this past March to see our son who was home on leave for awhile.  We flew down there so I brought my old point and shoot camera.  I hope the photos aren't too grainy.  The weather was pretty cool and not really beach weather.  It was pretty empty as far as people so we basically had the beach to ourselves.

The shoreline Virginia beach Beach waves Jim beach The sunrise

I hope you enjoyed my letter V for today.  Thanks for stopping by.

We are leaving for a week's vacation on 6/18/08.  We will be bringing the lap top so I'll try and visit all who visit here.   Again thanks for stopping by.