The baby birds are BACK!
Flowers from my Garden

Some more finds over the weekend

Bowl and pitcher

I found this pitcher and it matches a bowl that I already had.

Front porch

I also found this bench and you can't really see the bucket and watering can on the bench that I also found.  The small bench in the corner I already had.

I haven't done too much with my front porch over the years.  I've kind of just left it alone.  We don't really use it too much and the only time anyone comes to the front door is Fed Ex and the Pizza guy.  It's pretty narrow for one thing and in the afternoon the sun just bakes you if you are sitting out there.  So I thought why not just put some things out there.  We have to trim our bushes back some they are getting pretty full.  We usually try to trim them every year, but I think we missed last year.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  We sure did.  The kids came over to visit which is always a wonderful thing.  I kind of slept in today 7:00 a.m. which to some might not be sleeping in but it is for me.  So I feel like my day is set back some.

I also wanted to say that I am putting a link to the Breast Cancer site.  It's over on the right side bar.  All you have to do is just give a click.  I am not sure why I took it off but it's back now.   

I best be going my day needs to start.

You all have a wonderful Monday today.