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Yippee!!! I'ts Friday

Here is a sneak peek at what I have done so far.  I am a bit shy about showing you the whole thing....yet.


I am not the most creative, but I like what I did.

Last night I went to Kiirsti's school program.


If you notice my granddaughter is the only one who's eyes are on the music teacher.  Good girl Kiirst.  If you remember she's the one who told me eating donuts was not healthy.  That was why she only had one.

eta: correction, the girl on her left (on the end) also has her eyes on the teacher.  Or at least it looks like it.


All smiles after that wonderful performance.


I have no clue who this young fellow is, but my eye caught his tee shirt...STOP Homework


Okay...something is wrong here.  Front seat we get now?  What happened to riding in the back of the car?  Hmmm....I hope this doesn't mean that I have been demoted to the back.(lol)

Well since it's Friday that means office work.  So off I go.

You all have a great Friday.