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An Award


I received this award yesterday from Nonizamboni over at Peacock Blue.  I am really tickled to receive this. I have "met" Nonizamboni just recently (tho Nonizamboni is not her real name) and found out that she is a BLACK HAWKS Fan.  How cool is that?  She has a wonderful way of writing and I enjoy going there to see what she has to say.

I am going to give this award to these lovely women who I visit most everyday.  They are my "fix" for the day.

Niki over at Rural Writing. I love visiting Niki.  I get inspired by her in so many ways.  She blogs about her life on Derry Meadow Farm.

Angie over at This is My "Real" Blog.  Angie once lived in my area and now lives in Tennessee my "favorite" State.  She has a beautiful family and I also enjoy her writings.  Angie is so full of life and happiness.

Maddy over at Maddy's Glass House. Maddy lives a full life trying to raise a child with Autism.  She has a wonderful way with words that when I stumbled upon her blog way back when and I keep going back for a visit.

I enjoy so many blogs that it was hard to pick because they all are excellent in my book and deserve this award.